Australia Festive Cocktail Party

Bailliage of Perth, Australia
Perth, December 16, 2020

Featuring 10 outstanding canapés
" members and guests were treated to a wonderful finale for what has been a unique year "

As a result of Western Australia being COVID-19 free in 2020 the Bailliage could hold a black-tie end of year cocktail party. The Crystal Lounge at the Crown Perth, one of the city’s most exclusive and exquisite locations was the venue. With views into the sunset over the Swan River almost 70 members and guests were treated to a wonderful finale for what has been a unique year for all.

The early summer weather obliged with clear skies, a balmy breeze. A trademark orange sunset was observed from our twelfth-floor balcony.

Wines for the night were sponsored and provided by Plantagenet Wines, from Mount Barker and the first vineyard in the Great Southern Wine Region some 400km away.

The evening began in a specially reserved section of the Crystal Lounge with expansive views over the Swan River and its estuary beyond. We enjoyed glasses of a Plantagenet Wyjup Blanc de Blanc 2019 an elegant, fine, dry sparkling wine as our first wine.

This was followed by tantalizing House of Plantagenet 2019 Angevin Riesling and a House of Plantagenet 2018 Aquitaine Cabernet Sauvignon, wine varieties that are renowned in the region.

Executive Chef Sean Marco presented and described in detail the ten canapes meticulously created and prepared for the evening. Eight savoury with two dessert temptations. Inspiration for a number of these was taken from the exclusive restaurants forming part of the Crown Resort such as the Nobu, Silks and Rockpool Grill restaurants.

Our 10 extraordinary canapes were:

Ocean trout
Diced cured ocean trout served on a crispy trout skin
mayonnaise style emulsion flavoured with mirin and miso
garnished with herbs and pickled shallots

Ocean temari with Oscietra
Belly of Toro tuna, sliced thinly
served on a ball of sushi rice topped with caviar

Crispy rice and goose liver
Crispy white and wild rice flavoured with vinegar and sugar
tightly packed, fried till crispy
served with mi-cuit (semi-cooked) goose liver
topped with slice of green peach, quince paste

Wagyu short rib
Wagyu short rib braised for 72 hours
gochujang* adobo, shaved pickled cucumber
crispy shallot rings

Fresh scallop taco
Finely diced fresh scallop
dressed with yuzu, diced jalapeno and lime
in a taco garnished with an aji Amarillo* emulsion
[*Ed. Peruvian yellow chili pepper]
avocado puree

Pressed Fremantle octopus
pork belly and black pudding
Fremantle octopus, slow cooked with pork belly
mixed with black pudding, shaped and pan fried
topped with apple puree, fresh herbs

WA rock lobster netted spring roll
Local Western Australia rock lobster
netted in a spring roll
served with sweet and sour sauce

Onion Tatin
Slowly-cooked caramelized onions
topped with a puff pastry
cooked inverted, completed with a
British Cheddar cheese soubise sauce
(white onion puree with native thyme)

Blueberry, rye pastry and white chocolate
Caramelized white chocolate mousse
on a rye sable pastry base
centred with blueberry compote
finished with blueberry icing

Coffee, banana and salted caramel club sandwich
Sweet version of a club sandwich
layers of banana cream, milk chocolate ganache
raspberry jam, salted caramel

To complete the evening there was a special surprise. A demonstration in the art of sabrage. Performed by Bailli Thurston Saulsman and accompanied by Vice-Chancelier Sande Saulsman, a bottle of Champagne was opened on the balcony using a specially acquired sabrage sword.

Vive la Chaîne!

Keith Swailes
Vice-Chargé de Presse

[*Ed. The ingredients are basic adobo: soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, whole pepper, bay leaves and with only the addition of “gochujang” or red pepper paste]

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