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Salach, April 8, 2021

Enjoyment and relaxation in the Swabian Alps
" Officier Maître Rôtisseur Rolf Straubinger and Klaus Schurr .. look forward to meeting you "

Burg Staufeneck is a feel good place for gourmets, culture lovers, active vacationers and those looking for relaxation. All these attractions are encapsulated in this 5-star superior castle hotel which offers rustic cosiness and Swabian hospitality. Enjoy the view over the Filstal from the terrace or the Sky View Bar. The heated panoramic outdoor pool invites you to dream.

In the locality, nature lovers enjoy tranquillity in the beauty of the mountains and forests. The curious discover impressive castles and romantic churches on the old Staufer road. Active people use the numerous hiking trails and sports facilities.

The Straubinger and Schurr families manage Burg Staufeneck with down-to-earth expertise, many years of experience and the unique passion which the hotel and restaurant industry calls for: good food and a love of the highest quality.

The perfect hosts with a great team: co-owners Rolf Straubinger and Klaus Schurr (Rolf is Chef and Klaus the Hotel Manager); Heike Straubinger and Karin Schurr deal with event sales; senior partners Erich and Lore Straubinger are on hand to assist and advise; Executive Chef is Thomas Geiger; Markus Konrad is both Senior Manager in charge of catering and Sommelier.

The kitchen brigade is known for both refined menus and popular Staufenecker classics. Wines from well-known growing areas around the world are stored in the castle cellars.

There is a special offer for Chaîne members of a complimentary ‘house aperitif’ when booking a gourmet occasion.

Officier Maître Rôtisseur Rolf Straubinger and Klaus Schurr, together with everyone at Burg Staufeneck, look forward to meeting you.

Burghotel und Restaurant Burg Staufeneck
73084 Salach
07162/93344 0
[email protected]

Photos courtesy of: Burg Staufeneck, Tobias Fröhner and Philipp Sedlace

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