Cyprus Dinner

Bailliage of Cyprus
Limassol, April 23, 2021

First event of the year
" an exquisite combination of delicacies from the Far East "

At last, St George’s Day, Friday, April 23rd saw the Bailliage able to hold its first dining event of the year. Held in the Oriental Restaurant of the Four Seasons Hotel, the extensive menu was prepared by Chef Guan Ruijiong and his team.

Members and their guests enjoyed an exquisite combination of delicacies from the Far East. Together with the stunning interior design, the restaurant’s opulent heritage and elegant environment invited our group on a culinary journey of fine Cantonese dishes that blended tradition with modern flair.


Champagne Ruinart “R” Brut - Reims, France
Grape varieties: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
Sommelier’s notes: yellow colour with golden glints, nose displays multi-sensations of pears, quince, apricots, hazelnuts, fresh almonds, brioche, biscuits; on the palate flavours of greengages, nectarines.


Braised prawn dumpling soup
Filled with diced prawn, mushroom and wrapped in egg white pastry, served with Superior Broth and caviar

Crispy char siu rolls
With BBQ honey Iberico pork and seasonal melon

Pan-fried scallop dumplings
Filled with minced prawn, diced celery and sweet peppers

Hong Kong style red rice rolls
Filled with sautéed diced prawn and shiitake mushrooms, served with unagi sauce

XO sautéed crispy prawns
With asparagus, shredded dried scallops, chilli, black beans, diced peppers, served with homemade XO sauce

Steamed fillet of sea bass
With ginger, spring onions on a bed of minced prawn and fish soya sauce

Baby pak choi
Stir-fried with chopped shallots and premium soya sauce, topped with braised fresh shiitake mushrooms

Curried Lanzhou noodles
With seafood, coconut milk, turmeric and satay nuts sauce

Peking Duck
Duckling crispy-fried and freshly prepared by the BBQ Chef. Served with flour pancakes, scallions, cucumber and Hoi Sin sauce

Wok-fried beef tenderloin cubes
With shallots, spring onions and Cantonese style black pepper sauce on a bed on sautéed king oyster mushrooms

Sautéed Iberico pork
With black vinegar rock sugar sauce and crushed yellow bean sauce, served with sweet onions

Stir-fried rice
Fried with chicken and diced courgette, served with mild Hoi Sin sauce, egg and pine nuts

Chocolate Temptation
Chocolate walnut cake, coconut and chocolate gelato, 70% cocoa chocolate tart with exotic fruits

Chinese tea and petits fours


Santorini Familia 2019 - Hatzidakis, Santorini, Greece
Sommelier’s notes: light white-yellow colour, with soft golden shades. Pleasant nose with strong fruity aromas. Palate full and aromatic with an aftertaste that has freshness coming from the acidity of the grapes.

Sancerre Rosé “Les Baronnes” 2019 - Henri Bourgeois, Loire, France
Grape variety: Pinot Noir
Sommelier’s notes: dry, fresh, displays aromas and flavours of raspberries, red cherries and berries, red currants, red flowers, hints of pears, touch of tangerine. Medium-bodied with balanced acidity.

Promis 2018 - Angelo Gaja, Tuscany, Italy
Grape varieties: Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese
Sommelier’s notes: Medium to full-bodied presenting a rich bouquet of blueberries, wild cherries, plums, cassis, hints of chocolate. Good acidity and has soft tannins.

Vinsanto 2004 - Hatzidakis, Santorini, Greece
Grape varieties: Assyrtiko and Aidani
Sommelier’s notes: sweet wine, a yellowish brown with auburn shades colour. Pesents an intense bouquet of honey, spices, raisins, presents an intense bouquet of honey, spices, raisins, coffee, bergamot, figs. Long aftertaste.

The Oriental is a highly reputed speciality Chinese restaurant on the island. The unrivalled selection of the finest Cantonese taste sensations enjoyed during our dinner came as no surprise.

Victor Papadopoulos
Bailli Délégué

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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