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Hong Kong SAR China Brunch

May 29, 2021

The sky's the limit

" Still on 'cloud 9' from World Chaîne Day "

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw

Still on “cloud 9” from World Chaîne Day, we floated at an altitude of 468.8m into the world's highest rooftop lounge on the 118th floor of The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. The silver marble reflections infused the blue-hued ambience of the hotel’s Ozone Bar. Here we found a place of sought-after serenity, which at the same time buzzed with high-energy frequencies from vibrant Hong Kong.

We were welcomed with Champagne Veuve Clicquot and a mouth-watering tour of numerous live food stations. Spectacular!

Three clear favourites were:

- Raclette Cheese Station - the unmistakeable aroma of raclette drew queues to savour irresistible melted Alpine cheese.

- Eggs Benedict Live Station - we created our own classic Eggs Benedict or prepared them local style from an “egg-citing” selection of ingredients, such as truffle hollandaise or XO chili sauce.

- Dessert Decadence - a spread of French classics, including caramelized tarte au citron, rich and nutty pistachio pavé and fluffy waffles. This action station also served mille-feuille with three layers of puff pastry and two layers of smooth hazelnut/vanilla cream.

We started with charcuterie, featuring a variety of French cheeses and acorn-fed jamón Ibérico. Freshly made sashimi, sushi, futomaki and maki rolls were also available to whet our appetites. We feasted on delicious French-inspired main courses, such as bouillabaisse and culotte of beef with pan-fried foie gras. A selection of cocktails, mocktails and wines was available throughout!

As the afternoon progressed, the outdoor terrace with a light cool breeze was perfect to indulge in cigars whilst enjoying captivating vistas of the Hong Kong skyline. Eric Piras supplied cigars from Cuba, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Matched tastefully with sustainably produced Flor de Caña Centenario 18, a clean dry Nicaraguan rum evoking fine oak spices tempered with a hint of butterscotch and a lightly bitter flavour of poplar sap and tobacco.

The spirit of camaraderie was embodied through our laughter and friendship with old and new friends as we revelled in gastronomic delights. Three cheers to Executive Chef Peter Find, Conseiller Culinaire, and also to the Ozone team for a memorable, exciting brunch, which only proves that the sky’s the limit!

À bientôt!

Leta Ng
Chargée de Presse

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