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Turkey on-line Tasting

May 29, 2021

Enjoying the wines from Kayra

" To taste with the wines there was also a selection of cheeses offered "

For its sixth event of 2021 the Bailliage organized a nationwide on-line tasting of Kayra wines. The event was limited to 80 participants and was fully booked.

Participants tasted the following wines in this order:

- Kayra Old Vine Semillon 2019
- Kayra ‘Versus’ Dedeçeşme Blend 2018
- Kayra ‘Versus’ Syrah & Viognier 2017
- Kayra ‘Imperial’ Merlot & Cabernet Franc 2014
- Kayra ‘Versus’ Alpagut Öküzgözü 2018
- Kayra ‘Imperial’ Öküzgözü 2017

‘Imperial’ is Kayra’s top brand and can be made from a different grape every year. The varietal is selected on the criteria of giving the richest, most enticing harvest.

To taste with the wines there was also a selection of cheeses offered:

- Malkara Eski Kaşar (Malkara Old Cheddar)
- Çorum Kargı Tulum Peyniri (Corum Kargi Tulum Cheese)
- Karaman Divle Obruk Peyniri (Karaman Divle Obruk Cheese)
- Mersin Bezde Tulum (Mersin Cloth Tulum)

The wines were presented by Kayra Winery’s Senior Wine Maker Murat Üner together with their Wine Makers Özge Kaymaz and Emre Hüseyin Ademoğlu.

Everybody had plenty of opportunity to give their opinion and comments. There were several very knowledgeable wine experts among the participants. This, as well as giving additional insights, created an informal atmosphere and made the event a great success.

Vive la Chaîne!

Yves Léon
Bailli Délégué

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