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France - Pascal Lombard

Les Eyzies (Dordogne), June 4, 2021

Grand Officier Maître Rôtisseur

" In harmony with the seasons this passionate chef takes real pleasure in cooking the finest regional ingredients "

Chef and owner Pascal Lombard (Grand Officier Maître Rôtisseur) runs the kitchens at the “Bistro des Glycines” and the gourmet restaurant “Le 1862”.

Originally from Landes, he got into cooking at a very young age. His grandmother, who ran the grocery store in Tartas, quickly taught him how to choose and love good ingredients, and he learnt how to cook from her.

It was this inspirational figure who introduced him to the fresh delights in the family’s vegetable garden and took him with her when she called on farms around Chalosse. She instilled a love of fine things in him, and he can still remember those flavours and fragrances. He has fond memories of long Sunday lunches featuring stuffed chicken, sweetbreads with porcini mushrooms or lark stew.

His vocation? A foregone conclusion in this stimulating environment. After hospitality school Pascal trained in prestigious restaurants in Landes, including “Au bon coin du lac” in Mimizan with Jean-Pierre Caule, and then moved to Paris where he continued his journey by learning his trade in a number of renowned establishments.

When he returned to his native South-West, he became the owner and chef of a restaurant in Belvès, Dordogne before buying Les Glycines in 1999. Since then, he has thrown himself into managing the hotel-restaurant as much as into working as a chef.

He enjoys introducing dishes featuring plants and flowers, whether they come from the site’s own vegetable garden or from the infinite source of riches in the nearby woods. He serves the wonders of nature raw and cooked, as garnishes or in condiments: mushrooms of course, fiddlehead greens, wild garlic, primrose flowers, elderberries.

In harmony with the seasons this passionate chef takes real pleasure in cooking the finest regional ingredients from farmers, cheesemakers, strawberry and asparagus producers with whom he has forged close relationships.

Special mention goes to truffle-growers: the chef uses Périgord truffles, the finest gift that local nature could give him, in a delightfully inventive menu dedicated to the truffle. Pure pleasure on a plate!

His love of wine comes through in the extensive, varied list with a wide selection that reflects his wonderfully productive encounters with well-established or emerging wine-growers.

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