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Belgium Pétanque Competition

Aalter, August 3, 2021

Recruitment fun with Chaîne Ambassadors

" a full day of gourmet inspiration with our 'luncheon on the grass' ”

This was Dolce Magazine’s 6th edition of its Dolce Pétanque Trophy.

Last year the competition could not take place because of COVID-19 so it was a real pleasure this year to once again be able to hold it.

There is a tradition that Chaîne members who participate wear their Chaîne ribbon, the idea being to inspire non-members to join having had the opportunity to learn of the benefits of membership first-hand from the “Chaîne Ambassadors”.

We were only able to have 50 participants because of COVID-19 regulations. Of course, to make the event COVID-19 safe it needed meticulously focused preparations. But with the emphasis on “none of us is as strong as all of us” and with the real support of enthusiastic Chaîne members we succeeded!

Maître Rôtisseur Peter De Groote’s “Ten Dauwe” in Aalter hosted the event. We knew that at Peter’s place there was ample space for separate COVID regulatory bubbles. What’s more, we would have no concerns that the gourmet inspiration would be anything other than tip top - and it was!

We enjoyed a full day of gourmet inspiration with our “luncheon on the grass” - “Déjeuner sur l’herbe” Manet & Monet style!

Chevalier Kurt Van Tendeloo oversaw the attention to hygiene regulations. To be COVID-19 proof pétanque balls and tables were disinfected for 24 hours.

Maître Rôtisseur Jelbrich Hendrickx started us with the right energy. His “G-rootbooster” - a turmeric/ginger shot - was perfect.

Maître Sommelier Xavier Faber made sure we had the best bottled water (“Bru”) and soft drinks.

Maître Rôtisseur Jean-Michel Bourrat was the Obut pétanque organiser. (Ed: Obut is a leading French producer of pétanque balls)

The Freakshow wines and Inkbrew coffee were presented by Maître Hôtelier Annelies Houwen and Maître Rôtisseur Bart Ysebaert.

Ensuring that everything went smoothly overall, Chevalier Jan De Kimpe superbly choreographed the day.

Last but not least guess who the winners were?

Three Dames de la Chaîne: Carol Kahmann (who will be inducted on August 16th in Germany) Heidi Louagie and Erika Vanvuchelen. Furthermore, three participants immediately asked to join the Chaîne!

Our “luncheon on the grass” was prepared by Maître Rôtisseur Peter De Groote. As you can see it closely followed the art and artists theme.


Pike quenelle “Edouard Manet” style

Paris-style Cavaillon melon

Sea bream “Monet” style

“Shadow and light” pork

Lamb “Gustave Courbet”

“Orsay Museum” style desserts


Freakshow Wines  |  Damme Beer  |  Bru water  |  Inkbrew Coffee
Rosé ‘Cuvée Dolce Pétanque’
Dolce Vital Hospitality Brut Réserve

It truly was a fun day, as a result of which we are fervently looking forward to more members joining the Bailliage.

Ilse Duponcheel
Bailli Délégué

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