Tanzania Chapitre

Bailliage of Tanzania
Dar es Salaam, July 17, 2021

Induction of our new Bailli Délégué
" Thirty-two members and guests attended in black tie and evening gowns "

On Saturday, July 17th the Bailliage gathered at The Kilimanjaro Hyatt Regency Ballroom for its first Chapitre event since 2017. Thirty-two members and guests attended in black tie and evening gowns. They were treated to welcoming drinks with canapes and a six-course Gala dinner menu.

The Induction Ceremony was presided over by Norbert Simon, Member of the Conseil d’Administration from Austria, who broke his visit to Madagascar to be in Dar es Salaam for this special occasion.

Norbert inducted members of the National Council as follows:
- Nadine Atallah, Bailli Délégué
- Nabil Atallah, Argentier (who will also be acting as Chargé de Presse)
- Dieter Prachner, Conseiller Culinaire
- Nazia Lalji, Chargé de Missions
- Raju Dave, Échanson

Shemane JanMohamed, our outgoing Bailli Délégué, received her Honoraire badge, as did her husband, Salim JanMohamed, who was standing down as Chargé de Presse.


Hot smoked salmon, crème fraiche
Pepper-crusted beef carpaccio, butter brioche, cured egg yolk
Grilled aubergine roll with ricotta cheese
Shiitake and chive dumpling, sweet chili sauce


Tuna and tomato tartare
avocado puree, sourdough croutons

Butternut squash velouté
crispy chicken, poached apple, almond

King prawn
braised oxtail, Parmesan risotto

Sorbet intermezzo

Braised beef cheek, horseradish mash
glazed baby carrots, spiced tomato chutney, shallot jus

Apple tarte Tatin, strawberry salad
caramel spiced sauce, rum raisin ice cream

With a new National team in place, the Bailliage is now looking to build on its firm base of active members.

Vive la Chaîne!

Nabil Atallah

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