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OMGD South Africa Gin & Food Pairing

Cape Town, August 14, 2021

Featuring Pienaar & Son craft gins

" Every pairing was a match made to amaze "

The Bailliage organised its second OMGD (Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs) event for the year in August. This time, it was a different experience for everyone as a gin and food pairing was offered.

Members and guests assembled at the distillery in front of the Makers Landing venue situated next to the cruise terminal in Cape Town. Makers Landing has been open since December 2020 just after all the omnipresent health regulations had been eased. It is a platform to give young entrepreneurs in the food industry a spot where they can showcase their skills such as cooking, pastry making, baking, distilling, brewing, etc. to the Cape Town foodies.

Located within this melting pot is the craft gin distillery Pienaar & Son. Andre Pienaar, the distiller being a bio-chemist is combining different principles of chemistry to find the perfect taste using machinery created by his father, Schalk Pienaar who is a machine engineer.

Their products (a light creamy vodka and four different gins) were each paired with a specially created food item from five different food producers situated within the development.

Each of the food samples came from different backgrounds, for example:
- corn brioche and farm butter from the bakery (The Bread Bar)
- sweet corn custard with mint and citrus emulsion originating from the Zulu kitchen (Emazulwini)

Neighbouring Indian street food kitchen Kapoochka provided Dahi Bulata Puri as well as gin and goji berries-marinated chicken (side wings).

Last but not least Dad Gin was paired with a delicious trio of truffles from the Chocolaterie Afrikoa.

Every pairing was a match made to amaze. All in all the event was a truly unforgettable experience enjoyed to the fullest by everyone.

Simone Kretzschmar
Acting Vice-Chargée de Presse

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