France Lunch

Bailliage of Grand Est, France
Reichstett (Strasbourg), February 26, 2022

At the restaurant La Côte de Bœuf
" The three-course lunch was enjoyed in a cheerful, friendly atmosphere "

On a lovely sunny day, Jules Julien gathered together members and friends of the Grand Est/Alsace Chaîne on Saturday 26 February, at the restaurant “La Côte de Bœuf” located in the Shopping Promenade Cœur Alsace.

The Shopping Promenade Cœur Alsace is a brand new concept that was launched a year ago in Reichstett (a suburb of Strasbourg). It’s like a village but made up entirely of a range of different service providers. So you can do your shopping there of course, but you can also attend a philosophical talk, let your children have fun in the play area or go along to a Zumba session - all while your laundry is taken care of. There’s even a “Virtual Centre” for some futuristic experiences: “next generation” leisure for the whole family. A little train picks up and drops off passengers round the site all day.

It is against this backdrop that Constant Waltz, best known for his restaurant and catering service, Chez Soi, opened this new restaurant “La Côte de Bœuf”, whose speciality is matured meat. Constant almost certainly inherited his passion for meat from his grandparents: the art of homemade, fresh food is one of this family’s secrets.

The three-course lunch was enjoyed in a cheerful, friendly atmosphere:
- Salmon tartare
- Bone-in rib steak
- Rum baba-inspired dessert

The meal was served with some of Jules’ favourite local wines, which made this lunch a wonderful experience to share.

Long live the Chaîne!

Geneviève Groslière
Chargée de Missions

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