World Chaîne Day Photo Competition

May 26, 2022

Portugal (Algarve) provides the best 'green' photo!
" You can feel the togetherness »

Winner: “Best Green Photo”
Bailliage of Algarve, Portugal
Submitted to the Social Media Wall by Jean Ferran, Chargé de Missions who acts as Bailli
This photo tells a story. People having a barbeque high up in the mountains. Misty and rainy weather does not spoil the feeling … on the contrary. You can feel the togetherness. Nice detail is the green umbrella at front. And dark, ominous clouds behind makes the picture exciting. Is there a storm to come? Or are the clouds breaking and sun coming? The basket on the right corner makes for balance in the picture.

First runner up - Best Green Photo
Bailliage of Rogaland, Norway - Kay Hustoft, Bailli
Submitted to Social Media Wall by Karin Sandvold, Chancelier
Wonderful looking atmosphere. People enjoying the company and camaraderie. Theme of the evening also shown clearly: vegetable dinner with local and organic ingredients. Nice photographic composition with evident joyous feeling of the moment.

Second runner up - Best Green Photo
Bailliage of Baja California, Mexico - Eduardo Quiroz, Bailli
Submitted to the Social Media Wall by Irán Olvera, Vice-Chargée de Presse
This picture shows where food and wine is actually coming from: the soil. Agriculture is very present, combined with a distant view of the mountains behind and the moment of sunset, just minutes before darkness. You can feel the calmness of the moment. Happy people maybe before the dinner having a glass of wine in the vineyard. White shirts make for an eye-catching detail.

Bordeaux, May 18, 2024

Winners announced at the International AGM

April 20, 2024

Evident enthusiasm displayed

April 20, 2024

Themed: 'Local Culinary Delights'

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