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Bailliage of South Australia, Australia
Mypolonga, May 2, 2022

Rio Vista Olives tour
" We sampled various olive oils and local food products "

Monday morning saw an early departure from North Adelaide by our professional members for a visit to Rio Vista Olives in Mypolonga, an hour’s drive away.

Our hosts were husband and wife team Chevalier Jared and Jacqueline Bettio. First, we were shown through the grove where we discussed growing and harvesting techniques. Moving into the factory’s processing area we observed the following: collection; separation of olives from leaf and twig matter; pressing; filtration process and storage prior to either bottling or bulk packaging for the food industry.

We sampled various olive oils and local food products. After which we were treated to a wonderful sit-down lunch amongst the olive trees facilitated by Chef Jason Roberts and the Rio Vista team. Local South Australian seafood, including Ferguson Southern Rock lobster and Ocean Jacket fish, and prime Australian lamb were enjoyed.

The wines came from Mitolo Wines based in the McLaren Vale region.

The deep dive into olive oil was appreciated by the professionals, chefs and apprentice members.

A huge shout-out went to Jared and Jacqueline as well as to Chef Jason and his brilliant team who prepared the sumptuous meal.

Maryanne Elsby
Vice-Chargée de Presse

Facebook: riovistaolivesEVOO
Twitter: @RioVistaOlives
Instagram: riovistaolives

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