Malaysia Dinner

Bailliage of Penang, Malaysia
Penang, July 8, 2022

La Vie in Georgetown did not disappoint
" a thoroughly enjoyable evening with each course prepared to perfection "

In a flash we are already six months into 2022.

This time we hosted our dinner at a little restaurant tucked away in Georgetown, La Vie did not disappoint.

We were also thrilled to welcome a fellow member who had just moved to Penang from Oman. It is always heart-warming to be able to welcome new faces from afar.

A carefully-curated menu with accompanying champagne and wines led to a combination of flavours that kept our diners thoroughly entertained ending the night replete.

The journey began with fresh Tasmanian oysters followed by seared Canadian scallops and then a fusion crab croquette with mango and longan salad.

There followed a classic mushroom soup to further warm our appetites before our mains which were a choice of New Zealand rack of lamb, Angus sirloin or seared pink garoupa fish.

For dessert, a simple classic Belgium dark chocolate gateau was the right combination of richness in texture and bittersweet flavour on our palate to end a wonderful meal.

Hats off to Kelvin and his team for a delicious dinner with just the right pairing of wine to complement each course.

I am happy to conclude that it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with each course prepared to perfection. Overall it was a casual night of good food, ever-flowing wine, never-ending conversation and laughter.

Isabel Lim
Vice-Chargée de Presse

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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