Sultanate of Oman Chapitre

Bailliage of Sultanate of Oman
Muscat, May 19, 2022

Alice in Wonderland theme
" The evening ended beautifully with the presentation of the Chaîne Silver Award to our Bailli Délégué "

Stepping into the glow of the pale purple and green lights in the banqueting hall of the Ritz-Carlton Al Bustan Palace, with fresh blossoms hanging from quaint wicker baskets, playing cards stacked up high around candlestands on every table, it was clear it wasn’t a “Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” fantasy set. It was Alice’s Wonderland into which we were stepping.

Tables had names like Cheshire Cat or Mad Hatter. There was an unconventional assortment of porcelain kettles and cups hanging from the ceiling. The serving staff, in the brightest of costumes, told us we were in for a special evening to celebrate the Bailliage’s 2022 Chapitre.

That the event had been rescheduled from March 9th created a fortuitous opportunity for Barlas Gorgulu, the hotel’s new Executive Chef, to introduce his repertoire to our discerning membership. No pressure then!

The Alice in Wonderland theme segued effortlessly into the evening’s menu, giving us tastes and visual experiences that never lost the touch of fantasy. The black truffle choux as the amuse bouche set the tone of the evening. First course of salmon tartare with soy ginger marinade washed down with a Pinot Grigio raised expectations even higher.

Garlic aioli blended beautifully with Black Sea anchovies leaving some of us wanting more. However, the soy-glazed short ribs main course with its unusual combination of Granny Smith apples, jalapeno and celery, easily overshadowed the earlier dish.

The evening ended beautifully with the presentation of the Chaîne Silver Award to our Bailli Délégué, Robert Weener, for his outstanding contribution to the Chaîne.

We will sorely miss Robert who is leaving Oman soon. With his tireless efforts to promote the Chaîne along with making sure every dinner is seamlessly organised and executed, his contribution has been invaluable. Thank you, Robert.

Mohana Prabhakar
Chargée de Presse

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