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Staphorst, September 2, 2022

Fine dining in the Dutch countryside
" An exciting adventure awaits! "

For the 2021 edition of the Revue internationale de la Chaîne, Bailli Délégué Siebe Stellingwerff Beintema interviewed Maître Restaurateur Cindy Borger and her partner Chef Jarno Eggen, owners of the Michelin 2-star Restaurant De Groene Lantaarn in the village of Staphorst. The restaurant is a member of Les Patrons Cuisiniers. Here is an updated version prepared especially for the Chaîne News Online.

Cindy and Jarno opened their own restaurant in 2009 after working together in the Michelin-starred Restaurant De Lindenhof in Giethoorn. Jarno received his first Michelin star at De Groene Lantaarn in 2010 and his second in 2015.

This was followed in 2021 with a Michelin Service Award for Cindy. Only one of these is awarded per year, honouring the most hospitable restaurateur. All guests are different and must be approached individually she told Siebe.

The relocation of the restaurant to Staphorst in 2019, into a building which they own, was an important step for Cindy and Jarno. The premises also boasts a windmill, providing an opportunity to enhance their offering. Locally sourced grain is milled with the flour used to bake different types of bread. Jarno also makes his own pastry and chocolate confectionery and began to develop plans to open a bakery shop.

The restaurant enjoys good relationships with local farmers who supply the kitchen with fresh produce daily. It also has its own herb and vegetable garden.

Chef Jarno tells his creative story the way he wants it. Local ingredients take on an alluring depth thanks to exotic influences. He dares to combine in a surprising way but always finds the right balance. He gives an extra dimension to all his dishes, taking diners on a challenging journey of discovery familiar and innovative at the same time.

In a story that is familiar to the hospitality industry worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic had a profound influence on De Groene Lantaarn. Throughout this time, Cindy and Jarno retained their staff, introducing opportunities for study, gaining further skills and experience. On Fridays, the team would give lectures, complete with PowerPoint presentations, on a specific subject, and specialists from outside the business also gave masterclasses.

Cindy stressed that the most important aspect of De Groene Lantaarn was the entire team. Many employees have been at the restaurant for several years and helping staff to develop their skills and even set up their own restaurants, is important for the couple. This has earned them the respect of colleagues and guests alike and means they are never short of applicants to join their teams.

Cindy and Jarno look forward to welcoming members of the Chaîne from around the world to De Groene Lantaarn. An exciting adventure awaits!

De Groene Lantaarn
Gemeenteweg 364
7951 PG Staphorst

Phone: +31 (0)522 463116
Email: [email protected]

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