Israel Dinner

Bailliage of Israel
Tel Aviv, July 24 & 26, 2022

A Japanese experience courtesy of Iris Samara
" Our meal was courtesy of Yakimono Restaurant "

Dame de la Chaîne Iris Samara, new member of our Bailliage, performer and Butoh dance artist, hosted us for a Japanese experience at the Orshina Culture Space designed according to the laws of Feng Shui to inspire peace and calm.

Demand and limited space meant the event was held twice on separate days. On each occasion for over four hours Iris led us through five Tori gates and lots of flavours.

Our meal was courtesy of Yakimono Restaurant. During mingling which opened the event we enjoyed handmade dim sum.

First gate: Wabi-Sabi “Beauty and wisdom of imperfection”
Dressed in kimonos and seated around a large table we slowly drank a shot of premium 15% Sake accompanied by the greeting “kampai” which means finish to the last drop but slowly.

Second gate: “Ceremonies”
A sacred Japanese ritual followed: the tea making ceremony. Everyone had a tea set. Two teaspoons of green Maca powder through a strainer added to which was a precise amount of water heated at 70 degrees. Neither milk nor sweetener were added. Using a strong, flexible bamboo brush to recharge the tea with our energy we created a light green foam on the surface. We drank with inner peace and attention in small sips. The precise, peaceful tea temperature enveloped us with good alertness as we were in a meditative state.

Third gate: “Beauty and aesthetics”


Miso soup

Koshiyaki salad, Japanese pickles

Sashimi salad
featuring thin slices of salmon and tuna

Selection of fancy sushi maki

Fourth gate: “Compassion”

MENU continued

Sake kawa
raw salmon, salmon skin
avocado, carrot, cucumber, tamago

Taka maki
red tuna, avocado, chili oil, green onion
wrapped in nori seaweed

Yisai maki sushi
avocado, carrot, cucumber, oshinko
wrapped in rice

Sake maki
salmon, avocado, cucumber
wrapped in nori seaweed

Taka maki
red tuna, avocado, spicy sauce
wrapped in rice and green onion

Kurodai maki
Royal dorade, avocado, carrot, cucumber
wrapped in cucumber

Suzuki maki sushi
Rock bass, oshinko, cucumber Julienne
wrapped in rice and soy sesame

Rainbow maki
salmon and avocado roll
wrapped in a selection of raw fish and salmon roe

Accompanying the food was Sake Snow, so called from being unfiltered with the liquid filled with white rice particles which gives the sake a fuller flavour.

Fifth gate: “Life”
Life full of experiences inspiring us mean we can maintain a positive daily energy balance. A fascinating conversation was evoked in this atmosphere which invites openness and intimacy.

MENU continued

Kushiyaki - fish in tare sauce
Sukiyaki - salmon and white onion
Suzuki Yaki - rock bass
Yasai Itama - wok sautéed vegetables in soy sauce

Eating the skewered food was done whilst remembering a childhood experience and how it relates to life today. Ikigai principals were explained. The secret to longevity is in a good quality of life.

Dessert of rice dough filled with vegan matcha
served with yuzu ice cream

We concluded calm, tired yet ready to walk into the rest of our lives from a stronger, more peaceful place.

Tami Lancut Leibovitz
Bailli Délégué
Member of the Conseil Magistral

Orshina Culture Space
Yakimono Restaurant

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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