Korea - Members' Choice Award

Bailliage of Korea
Seoul, December 9, 2022

Korea creates annual award
" The winner of our first-ever award this year was the Sofitel Ambassador Seoul Hotel "

The chains in our Chaîne emblem symbolize the gathering of professional and non-professional members. What is not represented perhaps is a key force that brings us all together: the wonderful events prepared by our hosts.

Our Bailliage has always felt compelled to give some form of recognition to our hosts. In particular those who not only did an excellent job but also appeared to have gone an extra mile to give our members a memorable experience. As a result, this year we decided to introduce an annual Members’ Choice Award.

We selected the final contenders based on the results of membership surveys that we conduct after each event. The Bailliage’s officers took a vote to ratify the results.

The winner of our first-ever award this year was the Sofitel Ambassador Seoul Hotel & Serviced Residences for “Littérature Gourmande”, an event that was held at Fait Maison on February 18, 2022.

From the reception, table decorations, and menu design to the food preparation, wine pairing, and service, every aspect was not only excellent but creatively incorporated the event’s theme. Executive Chef Anne-Cécile Degenne’s contemporary yet classical French menu delighted the diners who indulged in each dish after Hotel Manager Vincent Gernigon recited the food-related passages from French literature that elevated the appreciation of each dish.

Bailli Délégué Roland Hinni, who is a Member of the Conseil Magistral, and Conseiller Culinaire Youn Young Kim presented a commemorative plaque to the hotel in the presence of Mr Gernigon, Executive Chef Degenne, and Assistant Food and Beverage Director Harry Han.

A special mention was also exceptionally given to Italian restaurant “Borgo” for a fantastic dinner held on June 18th.

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