Israel Dinner

Bailliage of Israel
Yad HaShmona, January 26, 2023

Surrealistic evening
" Dali's style was theatrical and eccentric. Close to madness and this atmosphere prevailed throughout the dinner "

Welcome to the most delusional meal in town!

“If you're in the habit of counting calories or food that you eat for living, stop reading right now.”

“For me, food is the essence of life, stimulating, forceful and cheeky”, says Salvador Dalí, who 50 years ago, together with his wife, wrote and illustrated a recipe book. From a selection of dishes served at extravagant meals, to which Dalí's friends and his third wife Gala were invited.

A meal is always dedicated to the passion for taste. Chef Rôtisseur Nadav Malin drew ideas from Gala and Dalí's recipe book and prepared a surrealistic dinner that met the highest standards.

In the spacious “Olive Hall” of the Logos Hotel in Yad HaShmona under the auspices of Louisa Catering, two knights’ tables were dressed in baroque splendour: tall, gilded candlesticks full of lit candles, shiny wine glasses, cutlery and green lace fabric napkins.

In the background Dali’s pictures were shown in a changing video presentation. Baroque music filled the hall - piano music played and a clear counter tenor sang.

Wooden walls, tablecloths, napkins, luxurious clothes, Chaîne ribbons, the colourful Chaîne logo in purple, red, blue and green created an atmosphere of nobility. Members were excited to taste delicacies concocted in the kitchens of Paris restaurants and the Catalan spirit Dalí brought which matched his passion for the pleasures of life.

Dinner began with an aperitif from Agur Winery in Judaea. Based on rosé wine it was full of Israeli aromas, particularly of the local vegetation such as the terebinth tree and herbs. Agur wines also accompanied the courses.

Dali's style was theatrical and eccentric. Close to madness and this atmosphere prevailed throughout the dinner. With the help of a team of skilled service personnel, adorned with the curly moustache that became his trademark, as befits an evening in Dalí's honour. The waiters/clowns laughed, sang and amused the diners, served the dishes, poured wine into glasses and chatted about life.

Tami Lancut Leibovitz
Bailli Délégué
Member of the Conseil Magistral

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