Japan Chapitre

Bailliage Kansai, Japan
Osaka, February 9, 2023

Gala Induction event at the RIHGA Royal Hotel
" everyone was delighted with the traditional carving of the roast beef by the Chef before their very eyes "

The 36th Kansai Annual General Meeting and Gala Dinner was held at the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka. The hotel has a distinguished 80-year history. From its waterfront location it has played host to innumerable guests from Japan and overseas. It’s considered the premier hotel in one of the world's most prominent commercial cities.

Nine new members and five promoted members were inducted at the Induction Ceremony presided over by Bailli Délégué Mr Koji Fukuda. After which the Annual General Meeting was held.

We were honoured to welcome Mr. David Perdue, the Consul of Canada in Nagoya, and Mr. Brian Schmidt, winemaker and Canadian Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) Chairman.

The Gala Dinner began with a superb sparkling wine, Henry of Pelham ‘Cuvée Catharine’ Brut Carte Blanche 2015. All the wines, carefully selected by our Échanson Mr. Masaharu Oka, from the reception to the ice wine served with dessert were Canadian. Everyone was very impressed with the high standard!


Taraba-gani (king crab) and celeriac cannelloni
caviar, saffron sauce

Green coated fillet of sole
champagne sauce

Macaroni gratin
veal sweetbreads, truffles

Roast beef
Yorkshire pudding, horseradish

Puff pastry with citrus marmalade
cardamom and lime sauce

Petits fours


Henry of Pelham ‘Speck Family’ Reserve Chardonnay 2020

Vineland Cabernet Franc Reserve 2015

Vineland Vidal Reserve 2014

The excellent menu was prepared by Conseiller Culinaire Provincial, Mr. Masatoshi Ohta, Executive Chef of the RIHGA Royal Hotel. Naturally, everyone was delighted with the traditional carving of the roast beef by the Chef before their very eyes.

Vive la Chaîne!

Takeshi Kadokami
Bailli Provincial

Athens, May 20, 2023

At the prestigious Hotel Grande Bretagne

Olten, May 6, 2023

Multifaceted event was a great success!

Dubai, May 12, 2023

Unforgettable night of opulence and culinary mastery

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