China Dinner

Bailliage Shenyang, China
Shenyang, March 11, 2023

When Singleton met Cantonese
" Before dinner we taste tested 12, 15, 18 and 21-year-old whiskies "

Shenyang’s first event in 2023 was a celebration of Cantonese food paired with Singleton Whiskies. We were welcomed by warm sounds of Chinese traditional musical instruments in the Shenyang Imperial Palace Hotel’s “Man Tang” Restaurant. Refreshing cocktails, tea and a fine selection of delicious hors d’oeuvres were served.

After cocktails we took our seats at the beautifully decorated dining table. Bailli Erich Kaiserseder gave a brief introduction and reiterated the Chaîne’s table rules. He then introduced special guests: Esther Xu, Brand Ambassador of Diageo, Distributor of Singleton Whisky, Chinese Chef de Cuisine Henry Hou and Assistant Director of Food and Beverage Ryan Tao who explained the menu in detail.

Esther did a presentation on Singleton Single Malt Whisky. Before dinner we taste tested 12, 15, 18 and 21-year old whiskies. She explained interesting details of the distillery and how to appreciate whisky.

First course: marinated duck liver with aged brine which started dinner on a high note. Next: crispy fried pigeon with local green apple. Pigeon was cooked to perfection with crispy skin, juicy, tasty meat juicy. These two courses were paired with the Singleton 12-year-old.

Then a delicious, double boiled chicken soup with fish maw matched the Singleton 15-year-old.

Jumbo prawns, coated with a thin layer of beaten egg white and a tangy hint of wasabi, were served with sweetness of mango julienne which delighted the palate.

A beautiful piece of seabass, home smoked with jasmine tea served in a bright red coloured kong bao sauce with pomelo fruit. Crispy textured outside, delightfully soft meat inside. Our taste buds tingled with sweet, sour combinations. These two dishes were accompanied by the Singleton 18-year-old.

The main course impressed with taste and tenderness: double-cooked beef topped with thin slices of radish and micro thin sliced deep-fried carrot julienne was served alongside a delicious turnip cake with green pea mousse on black bean sauce. Singleton 21-year-old was the perfect partner.

Chef Hou served homemade sweet dumplings in a delightful whisky jelly for dessert.

Atmosphere and mood among members and guests were absolutely delightful, lots of fun, laughter and joy. Everybody enjoyed this first event of 2023.

Vive la Chaîne!

Erich Kaiserseder

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