Kenya - Joseph Macharia

Bailliage Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, May 26, 2023

Executive Chef, Muthaiga Country Club
" He gained experience at top-end hotels and restaurants in Europe "

Introducing a high-profile East African chef based in Kenya. Joseph Macharia Kimani is Executive Chef at Muthaiga Country Club special for two reasons: its history and contemporary amenities and facilities including of course the food.

How did he become an Executive Chef?
As a child he loved helping his mother who inspired his passion for cooking. An only child he had to learn how to do everything especially in the kitchen. Cooking and chatting he gathered ideas on how to cook local foods.

Favourite food memory? Instrumental in his career as a Chef was applying to participate in “Yes you can” TV show to try out what he wanted to be for a day. Obviously to be a Chef. He was lucky and that’s how he ended up at the Norfolk Hotel. Having convinced them that he was passionate about being a Chef he made a formal application. The rest is history.

Career highlights
Apprentice then Commis Chef at the famous Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi. He worked with a fantastic kitchen brigade under the watchful eyes of the then Executive Chef Eamon Mullan. He experienced how a kitchen is operated; created a three-course meal and was lucky to have lunch at the Chefs Table.

He gained experience at top-end hotels and restaurants in Europe: for example The Ritz, Claridge’s, Savoy and The Goring in London, the Hermitage Holland, and with South African brands such as Michael Angelo and the African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel.

What inspires him
Participating in competitions is a valuable learning experience. He has done what in culinary terms is known as “stage.” Earlier this year, Executive Chef Joseph was in France to compete in and help oversee the Bocuse D’or, the biggest culinary competition.

Joseph explained “travelling helps me sample a variety of memorable foods which influences my cooking. I collect different types of culinary books which encourage me to try out recipes in books by the great Chefs.”

Executive Chef Joseph currently has a brigade of 45 Chefs. His focus? To train and share his knowledge to influence and inspire his team and other young chefs. He would love to see more people enjoying food, wine and appreciating what kitchen and service brigades are achieving in Kenya’s developing culinary scene.

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