Portugal - Dinis Zabumba

Bailliage of Alentejo, Portugal
Évora, July 25, 2023

Many hats of Alentejo's Bailli

Physical education teacher, association leader and central figure at the Chaîne School of Gastronomy in Évora are among the many hats worn by Dinis Zabumba, Bailli of Alentejo.

From a very young age, Dinis has been involved with associations for young people as a volunteer. He has enjoyed playing a relevant role in promoting socio-cultural actions and creating new solutions for families in need.

Dinis directs the youth association that is also the School of Gastronomy’s headquarters. The focus during the past two years has been on building a physical space capable of meeting students’ needs.

When he joined Chaîne in 2019 it was with a view to promoting Alentejo’s cuisine and traditions. Dinis considers it a privilege to be able to both bring and exchange experiences with people worldwide.

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