USA - Betty Sasenick

Bailliage of United States of America
Seattle (Washington State), August 4, 2023

Congratulations on a second term!
" When the Chaîne went netting for fireflies they caught a meteor when they found Betty "

Congratulations to Betty Sasenick on her second term appointment as Chargée de Presse of the USA. She is also a Member of the Conseil Magistral since 2022.

Utilizing her expertise and profession as a Global Corporate Communication and Public Relations Specialist, Betty brings her knowledge of how a cohesive communication message delivered by a diversified strategy can help market and brand any entity. The Bailliage of USA is the largest Bailliage in the world with some 128 active local Bailliages. Therefore “the need for a consistent message across all platforms of marketing material, website content, digital magazine, social media platforms is important”, said Betty.

In addition to being the Editor in Chief of Cuvée, the Bailliage of USA’s exclusive digital magazine which publishes every Friday (, Betty also has started a other programmes.

For instance, she created the On Demand Resource Library for Baillis and Officers; launched the three-level pin recognition programme to Vice Chargé(e)s de Presse or other authors, and Chargé(e)s de Presse Provinciaux who have contributed articles to Cuvée; inaugurated the portfolio system on Cuvée so all authors have their own portfolios with a link to their name for crediting their work.

Kevin Dunn, Executive Director of the Chaîne USA’s National Administrative Office, described Betty as “a consummate professional who has elevated the Chargée de Presse role to another level of the utmost professionalism. She is a wonderful role model for all Chaîne members and commits her time tirelessly with conviction and integrity. The Chaîne is lucky to have such an ambassador who not only understands the value of being a Chaîne member, but also gives selflessly to help young culinary professionals and to promote the Chaîne wherever she goes. When the Chaîne went netting for fireflies they caught a meteor when they found Betty.”

“From the date that I was inducted in Strasbourg, I know I found my ‘calling’. This is an association in which I know I will have fun and be able to contribute to,” said Betty. She enjoys promoting the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs and Jeunes Sommeliers Competitions.

Betty and her husband Joseph love attending Chaîne USA national events, as well as international events worldwide whenever their schedule allows. She enjoys the Chaîne being a truly international organization and values her friendship with members from Bailliages throughout the world.

Bertrand de Boutray, Bailli Délégué of the USA who is a Member of the Conseil d’Administration and the Conseil Magistral, observed, “If there is one member that the Chaîne world knows and appreciates for her upbeat mood, kindness, joviality and energy, it is our Chargée de Presse Betty Sasenick. She is this kind of person that you want to be surrounded by and have on your team. She is a do-er, meets deadlines and hardly ever says no to help you and undertake extra tasks. I feel so blessed to have her on my side and is such a source of inspiration for all of us. She loves the Chaîne and will travel the world to attend Chaîne events and make new friends. Best of all, she is funny and loyal.”

Prior to her current role, Betty was Vice Chargée des Relations Presse des Etats-Unis concurrent with her role as Bailli of Seattle. Previously, she was Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique in the local Bailliage.

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