Bermuda Dinner

Bailliage of Bermuda
Hamilton Parish, September 23, 2023

Culinary journey from summer to autumn
" not just a feast for the senses but a transition from one season to another "

Bailliage members gathered at the enchanting Tom Moore's Tavern for an extraordinary celebration of the autumn equinox guided by General Manager Bruno Fiocca and Executive Chef Robert Nicolle. This event was not just a feast for the senses but a transition from one season to another, symbolizing the changing of time and the unity of members.

A toast to begin
The festivities commenced on the waterfront patio. Glasses of Champagne Devaux 'Coeur de Nature' NV and delightful canapes signalled the beginning of our unique journey.

Course 1: “A nod to summer” - Lobster and scallop globe
A homage to the flavours of summer, elegantly plated with a trio of fennel and a lemongrass basil vinaigrette. Paired with DeMorgenzon 'Maestro' White 2018 Stellenbosch to celebrate the vibrancy of the season.

Course 2: “Transitioning to autumn”
As the evening progressed, the culinary narrative shifted towards autumn. Foie gras and calvados mousse was accompanied by Granny Smith carpaccio, apple butter, and cinnamon-spiced walnuts. The Domaine Fleurot-Larose Ratafia de Bourgogne was a fun alternative to the usual Sauternes/foie gras pairing. The fortified wine complemented the dish beautifully, transporting guests into a period of changing leaves and harvest.

Summer tables to autumn tables: embracing change and fostering connections
As the evening unfolded, guests shifted from their “summer seating” to their “autumn tables” to symbolize the shift from summer's warmth to autumn's cosiness. Opportunities opened up for fostering richer connections amongst members.

Course 3: “Embracing autumn”
The main course marked the full transition into autumn with a bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin. Served with sauerkraut and apple sauté, carrot puree, chive mustard apple jus, this dish embodied the heartiness and warmth of the season. Two wines, a white and a red, were in competition for best pairing. Surprisingly, guests struggled to select a winner. Both the full-bodied yet balanced Butterfield St. Romain Blanc 2018 and the intense fruity, spicy Plaimont La Madeleine de Saint-Mont 2016 paired brilliantly with the succulent pork dish.

Course 4: “The equinox dessert”
As the evening drew to a close, this sweet masterpiece featured white chocolate and Sambuca mousse, chocolate sponge, chocolate cookie crumb, vanilla ice cream, blackberry sauce, and meringue. Paired with another surprising choice: Grahams No. 5 White Port.

Our “autumn equinox celebration” was more than just a culinary experience. It was a journey through seasons, an exploration of flavours, and a celebration of camaraderie.

Based on a detailed article prepared by Bailli Sylvia Oliveira

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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