Italy - Emanuele Boselli

Bailliage of Bolzano Alto Adige, Italy
Bolzano, November 1, 2023

Enogastronomy in Mountain Areas
" Professor Emanuele Boselli tutors courses in Agricultural, Food and Mountain Environmental Sciences and Enogastronomy in Mountain Areas "

NOI Technology Park [Ed. “NOI” is the acronym of “Nature of Innovation”] is located on the former site of an aluminium metallurgical plant where around two-thirds of Italian aluminium was produced in the 1930s and 1940s. The complex is an example of rationalist architecture as part of the plan to Italianize the South Tyrol during one of Europe's darkest periods. It has now been redeveloped through an urban redevelopment project and returned to the city as a public asset.

As well as a study centre dedicated to innovation, NOI Techpark is a cultural and community centre integrated into the urban and social fabric of South Tyrol. An area bridging Mediterranean Alpine lifestyle and Central and Northern European culture. Companies, institutions and the Free University of Bolzano share the location with the aim of collaborating on research projects and technology transfer.

In the University’s Faculty of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences Professor Emanuele Boselli, a Chevalier member in the local Bailliage of Bolzano Alto Adige, tutors courses in Agricultural, Food and Mountain Environmental Sciences, and Enogastronomy in Mountain Areas.

Enogastronomy is a new three-year degree course which started in September 2022. It was created in collaboration with the “Cook the Mountain” team of Michelin 3-star Chef Norbert Niederkofler who also holds a Michelin green star for sustainability.

Values guiding the entire course open to 30 students worldwide are: Tradition; Creativity; Honesty; Innovation; Sustainability.

Federica Viganò, Professor of Social Economy, explained that the university was already involved in a multidisciplinary research project on sustainable wines using disease-resistant grape varieties). Wines from these varieties cultivated in South Tyrol (also called PIWI wines) will be compared with conventional wines in terms of shelf life, sensory evaluation and consumer acceptance, including willingness to pay more.

A socio-environmental footprint will be calculated to study the positive impact of wines from resistant grape varieties, the objective being to develop policy recommendations for local stakeholders to support the sustainable transition of wine production systems.

Sustainable mountain gastronomy and PIWI wines are a perfect match for training graduates with a 'greener' awareness!

The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Faculty of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences
NOI Techpark, via A. Volta, 13/A
39100 Bolzano


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