Italy - Bailliage of Vicenza-Soave-Luigi IX

Bailliage of Vicenza-Soave Luigi IX, Italy
Vicenza, September 20, 2023

Welcome to a new local Bailliage
" founded by Gilberto Padovan "

A new Bailliage of Vicenza-Soave-Luigi IX has entered the scene, making it one of the 35 in Italy. [Ed. See list below of the other 34]

With the approval of Bailli Délégué Enrico Spalazzi and the National Council, this local Bailliage was founded by Gilberto Padovan who, before his promotion to Bailli was Vice-Chargé de Presse in the Bailliage of Asolo - Monte Grappa.

Accordingly, with extensive planning and noble goals, the Bailliage of Vicenza-Soave-Louis IX was born.

A publisher and journalist Gilberto Padovan is highly appreciated by the Italian cultural community. With much enthusiasm he carried out research in the Vicenza and part of the Verona areas to see if a new Bailliage could be justified.

At the centre of the activity of the new structure there will be history, art, tourism as well as the appreciation of local food and wine: meat, cod (namely “baccalà alla vicentina” - cod Vicenza-style), cured meats and sausages, rice, black truffle, mountain and Asiago cheeses, vegetables and fruit, and great wines, to name just a few.

Gilberto enthused, “The Bailliage will promote training, banquets, conferences, congresses, competitions, Chapitres, exhibitions, culinary demonstrations, as well as journalistic articles and publications.”

He also stated, “The constant search for the historical-artistic and food and wine peculiarities of this area, with their media worth, will make everything pleasant, usable and engaging for the guest.”

Abridged from a detailed article which first appeared in “Le Rôtisseur”, the magazine of the Bailliage of Italy.

Ed. The other 34 local Bailliages in Italy are:
Abruzzo Adriatico
Abruzzo Nord
Alba - Langhe E Roero
Amphisya - Calabria
Asolo - Monte Grappa
Bolzano - Alto Adige - Südtirol / Trentino
Genova - Golfo Del Tigullio
Langhe Monferrato
Milano Lombardia
Nord Sardegna
Novara - Lomellina E Lago Maggiore
Piacenza E Antica Eridania
Roma Aurora
Roma Capitale
Roma Urbe
Sanremo - Riviera Dei Fiore
Sorrento And Amalfi Coast
Toscana Francigena
Udine / Friuli Venezia Giulia
Veneto Palladio

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