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Bailliage of Korea
Jeongseon-gun, November 21, 2023

Under the direction of Maître Hôtelier Sebastian Fischoeder
" Sebastian admits he is very proud of the Park Roche culinary programme "

Maître Hôtelier Sebastian Fischoeder is Corporate Resort Division Director at HDC Resort, General Manager at Park Roche Resort & Wellness, and General Manager at Oak Valley Resort.

Park Roche Resort & Wellness is a premium resort located amongst the beautiful hills and valleys of South Korea’s Gangwon province, a mere two hours from Seoul.

Under Sebastian’s guidance the resort launched just a few days before hosting Olympic skiers, their teams and other dignitaries participating in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games. Opening the resort and operating immediately at full occupancy whilst being part of such a world-famous event was an unforgettable experience. Indeed, Sebastian cites this period as amongst the most memorable of his career so far.

Park Roche pairs premium wellness programmes with high-quality hospitality. It offers a place where guests can relax, unwind from the stresses of daily life, seek comfort and stimulate their healthy energy, while still enjoying all the comfort of a top-class resort.

Its location makes it a perfect getaway for local travellers who wish to slow down and refresh themselves, as well as a popular destination for international visitors eager to explore the beautiful Korean countryside and attractions of the East coast.

What makes Park Roche unique is the way every part of the resort is designed so that guests experience wellness throughout their entire stay. This begins with the building design - an interior that combines natural and warm elements, such as stone and natural wood - an emphasis on friendly and warm service, healthy and well-balanced food, comfortable beds, sleep well amenities, outdoor jacuzzies with private cabanas, a library, and many other areas in which to relax.

A beautiful garden with a glass house invites guests to take a stroll, sit at the fireplace, or relax with a good book while enjoying the clean mountain air.

In 2021, a welcome reception for Chaîne members attending a Bailliage dinner was hosted on the roof top. Here, guests can enjoy a romantic evening while admiring the star-filled night sky with a fine glass of wine. The resort has two restaurants. Park Kitchen offers contemporary Korean wellness cuisine, whilst Roche Café serves authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, premium coffee, tea and healthy juices.

Sebastian admits he is very proud of the Park Roche culinary programme. Focusing on using fresh, locally grown ingredients, the resort works closely with producers, and purchases many ingredients directly from the nearby market. For example, all the rice that is served at the resort is cultivated using natural methods on a farm located nearby, and the fresh honeycomb at breakfast is from a local beekeeper. The resort offers experiences that allow guests to visit the farms with its chefs, feed the cows and harvest their own apples, potatoes, tomatoes and other seasonal crops.

A popular signature dish at the Park Roche is the Gondore Bibimbab. This is a simple, traditional meal, but the strong flavours of its fresh ingredients turn it into the best Bibimbab many guests have ever tasted.

Amanda Roberts
Editor - Revue de la Chaîne

This article first appeared in the 2022 Revue de la Chaîne

Park Roche Resort and Wellness

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