New Zealand - David Shackleton

Bailliage of New Zealand
Wellington, December 23, 2023

Excellence, service and commitment
" David .. was appointed Bailli Délégué in June 2020 "

Working in Seoul, Korea at the Westin Chosun Hotel during the mid-80’s is where David Shackleton learnt about the importance of the Chaîne to those in the hospitality trade.

“In Seoul most hoteliers were members. We all tried to outdo each other with the lavishness of the events. However, at that time luxury food items were hard to get. If I went to Hong Kong, I’d be given a list of items to bring back like tins of foie gras and special wines.”

It was a matter of considerable pride and honour for the industry. Having the respect of fellow Chaîne members was a matter of ‘face’.

“I have been fortunate enough to be involved with the Chaîne in several locations during my career. Hugely respected by the hospitality industry the Chaîne represents the pinnacle of professionalism. Whether hosting a function or taking part in a competition like the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs, the Chaîne challenges us to be our best.”

David, now resident in New Zealand, was appointed Bailli Délégué in June 2020. Looking to actively build membership in the National Bailliage David and his officers are planning a Bailliage in Auckland and to re-establish the one in Christchurch.

Background story:
- born and educated in Yorkshire, England
- parents in hotel industry so hospitality in his blood
- trained in hospitality in London for 2 years
- emigrated to Canada where he met his wife, Sheryn
- subsequently worked in leading brand hotels in England, Canada, South Africa, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia

Regarding his career, David reflected, “The hospitality industry can be hard on families and especially your partner. We moved 18 times and on each occasion inevitably Sheryn was left to pack up, organise the family and ensure everything arrived at our next location.

The industry worldwide, at the time, was developing and expanding rapidly. In Canada the growth was exponential. I was very lucky. We spent about 18 months in each location, so I got a lot of promotions quite quickly.

In every position I have learned something, often by my mistakes. In London I was the Assistant Banquet Manager at a hotel. I was stressed and I was not as polite as I should have been to my secretary. As it turns out she was right about the matter we were discussing, not me. Listen and learn, David!”

In 2023 the Bailliage of New Zealand ended a successful year with a Chapitre. Members were inducted, promoted and rewarded. International guests from Australia and the Cook Islands were welcomed.

Now 72 and seemingly retired, other than being professionally active in a hotel consultancy business, David’s commitment to excellence in his work is unrelenting equalled only by his commitment to service to others and the community whether through running hotels, advising others, through the Rotary movement or the Chaîne.

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