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Bailliage of Slovenia
Brezice, June 4, 2024

Featuring Chef Jure Tomič
" We chefs are just the icing on the cake, the essence is in the raw materials "

Chef Jure Tomič, a Chaîne Professional member in the Bailliage of Slovenia, is the alpha and omega of Oštarije Debeluh. With his childlike playfulness and curiosity, he excels at improving the traditional cooking procedures that he loves so much and his innovation supports new, often unusual techniques and inspiring culinary excesses.

New dishes, originating from traditional ingredients and flavours, with a touch of his own vivacity and courage, are the ones that always attract new guests to Brezice. Everyone who has already tried Chef Jure's masterpieces (including on several occasions Bailliage of Slovenia members and their guests) return based on their greatest satisfaction from the last visit and huge expectations from the next.

World champion in pasta preparation
Actions are what place Chef Jure Tomič in the closest circle of Slovenian culinary virtuosos. And not only Slovenian ones. In 2016, he took part in the World Pasta Championship in Parma, Italy, which is organized every year by the Barilla company and won the competition against 16 chefs from all over the world.

Jure combined all of the above in his famous harmony of pasta, goat's cheese and zucchini, which the Italians called: “Fusilli integrali, formaggio di capra e zucca” and is always available to all lovers of pasta and local flavours at his Oštarija Debeluh.

After the resounding victory, he summarised his first thoughts to Italian journalists, “I am very excited and happy. I love making pasta and I appreciate traditional and typical recipes, but I also love to experiment. I am especially happy that our two countries, which are so close to each other, also enrich themselves in the kitchen.”

Thoughts of Chef Jure Tomič
“I never forgot where I came from. That is why I respect local tradition and the quality of raw materials.”

“We chefs are just the icing on the cake, the essence is in the raw materials. You don't need to mash them too much to prepare something great!”

“Experience and taste food for the soul, body and complete pleasure.”

“There is plenty of good food everywhere. But you come to a restaurant for an event where hospitality and a personal approach are important.”

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