Finland - Kristian Karnell

Bailliage of Finland
Turku, June 5, 2024

A master of large catering events
" Responsible for the large catering events at Sunborn Events "

We had a wonderful opportunity to interview Chef Rôtisseur Kristian Karnell, Kitchen Operations Manager at Savoy Theatre restaurants, Logomo and Turku Castle.

Responsible for the large catering events at Sunborn Events, on May 27th Kristian oversaw the catering for the Michelin Nordic Countries Gala Dinner 2024 in Helsinki. This was for the second year in a row. It was a great success.

Kristian’s spring has consisted of many big Gala events. He recently recreated a perfect replica of last year’s 2023 Michelin Nordic Countries Gala for a client. 800 participants attended. Logomo is the key venue for Galas. Recently the first Tubecon Gala took place where a four-course menu was created using ingredients sourced from a nearby farm.

In 2024 important catering events, such as Tall Ship Races, Paavo Nurmi Games and Slottfestival will take place attracting visitors from Finland and internationally.

Kristian explained from early autumn, Logomo will also feature a brand new, awesome fine dining restaurant concept, where all the senses are unleashed. Ahead of this Logomo’s kitchen will be renovated becoming a very high-quality à la carte kitchen.

Full of energy and ideas, Kristian works in all the group’s restaurants which involves lots of travel. He is particularly interested in sourcing raw materials produced locally.

Working with young chefs, the ‘promises of the future’, Kristian says to them, “Stay hungry and challenge yourself, travel abroad a lot and work around the world, be humble and appreciate raw materials. Research, try and repeat, that’s the only way you can become good. Appreciate homemade food! It’s really important to understand and know classic cuisine because that’s where the wisdom lies.”

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