Uganda Dinner

Bailliage of Uganda
Kampala, October 22, 2016

Taste of the Congo!
" Delicious cuisine? Enticing aromas? Bottomless glass of wine? Fine dining experience? Check on all counts "

Crisp white linen, candlelight, laughter echoing through the air - we could be at any Chaîne event however this one was different. Held in the Coliseum-like Halls of Mythos’ grand dining room we were trying something new: an upmarket, informal, dinner. If impeccable service is the hallmark of a Chaîne event, Mythos exceeded expectations.

The theme of the evening was a “Taste of the Congo”. As a Congolese food virgin, I was excited to have my first experience. Typically spicy, Congolese food relies heavily on rice and beans. Dark bitter greens, sticky cassava, roasted meat and soup, are all staples of this diverse cuisine. Mythos, a Greek restaurant, is owned by a Congolese-Greek family who were our culinary-tour guides.

On arrival at this striking venue cocktails greeted us. The intimacy of the evening made it easy to re-connect with long-time friends and make new acquaintances - one of the perks as what better way to get to know someone than to share a meal.

The Grecian whites and blues juxtaposed against the African fabric of the chitenge made for an eye-catching yet inviting table showcasing what was to come.

Classic Congolese condiments: chilli, chopped peanuts, bananas and salt created an incredible flavour profile with heat of chilli, sweetness of bananas, crunch of peanuts in every bite. Rice was spiced up and meat flavours were heightened. This flavour profile works well regardless of the Congolese background.

Watch out for that chilli! It had more kick than this foodie was prepared for!

Delicious cuisine? Enticing aromas? Bottomless glass of wine? Fine dining experience? Check on all counts.

Mythos put on a spectacular evening setting the scene for future Chaîne events. As the world continues to get busier and busier it’s essential to slow down, have a glass of good wine, enjoy good conversation with a companion. These informal events allow us to do that more regularly. It reminds us all why we have chosen to be members of the special Confrérie that is the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

Jackie Frazier
Dame de la Chaîne

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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