Venezuela World Chaîne Day

Bailliage of Venezuela
Caracas, April 21,2018

Celebrating in a cordial atmosphere of camaraderie
" Chef Tomás' aim is that we, the diners, experience complex ranges of flavours, textures, aromas. And we did! "

Joining in the worldwide celebration, we celebrated World Chaîne Day with a cocktail reception followed by dinner prepared by Chef Tomás Fernández at Restaurante Guardaviñas.

Tomás Fernández is an intuitive chef. He likes to take the gustatory, aromatic, textural pulse of each dish he prepares often not knowing precisely the result. Chef Thomas hates exact formulas, loves creating subtle differences between courses with compelling flavours and dynamically articulated ingredients within a recipe. Proportions are to be followed. Sometimes rigid as in pastry, sometimes more fluid giving the chef freedom within a relatively wide range of proportions. A dish needs to respond to both chef and diner’s mood adjusting, evolving beyond the standardised recipe.

For Chef Tomás there are two options: attitude of trial and error (which is slow and not always successful) or with full intuition. In the second case, which is how the experienced chef proceeds, the mood of the diners, banquet or tasting will dictate how to adjust proportions.

Chef Tomás’ aim is that we, the diners, experienced complex ranges of flavours, textures, aromas. And we did!

In a cordial atmosphere of camaraderie the evening developed most pleasingly. In the photo gallery you can see the evidence of this - a picture being worth a thousand words of course!

On behalf of the National Council and members of the Bailliage of Venezuela I present my warm greetings and excellent wishes to you all.

Vive la Chaîne!

Alfonso Limes
Bailli Délégué

Bordeaux, May 18, 2024

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Themed: 'Local Culinary Delights'

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