Sri Lanka Brunch

Bailliage of Sri Lanka
Colombo, December 16, 2018

Culinary celebration of our 25th Anniversary
" It is said that no other meal is as appealing to the soul as a leisurely brunch spent in the company of like-minded friends "

What a memorable Sunday it was! Members and their spouses, 80 in total, were privileged to return to the Hilton in Colombo which was where the National Bailliage was inaugurated 25 years ago.

Following a brief time of fellowship, enjoyed over a glass of perfectly chilled “bubbly”, the big moment arrived. We were invited by Manesh Fernando, the Hilton’s General Manager, to enter ‘Graze Kitchen’.

The hotel's multi-cuisine outlet had been stunningly transformed into an elegantly set-up dining room resplendent in all its finery as befitting this special “25th Anniversary Culinary Celebration”.

Never before had one heard so many “oohs” and “aahs” as the expertly-crafted and extensive brunch offerings arrived. Unfolding as in a theatrical performance an amazing and exceptional range of delectable choices, flavours and textures were revealed.

Our repast was so caringly created for the occasion by Executive Chef Robert Mujagic, along with Executive Sous Chef Chamlie and the Hilton Colombo Culinary Team.

The event brought a whole new dimension to Colombo’s dining scene. Words are perhaps inadequate in attempting to do justice to the overall “wow” factor and impact of such amazing culinary creativity.

However, the photographic record accompanying this article illustrates in some measure the pure artistry, fusion of colour and endless variety of stylish and elegantly laid out food choices.

It is said that no other meal is as appealing to the soul as a leisurely brunch spent in the company of likeminded friends. So true … and as experienced at our 25th Anniversary celebration. Everyone shared a passion by way of appreciation of the numerous choices of good food and wine as much as the camaraderie of the occasion.

The Hilton service brigade was constantly at hand to keep a watchful eye ensuring every glass was full and every request anticipated!

Entertainment came in the form of live jazz with the wonderful voices of Jerome and Tanuja adding pleasure to a truly memorable afternoon.
Last but not least, an enormous thank you goes from the Bailliage’s Officers to members and their guests who participated in this wonderful celebration of 25 years of the Chaîne in Sri Lanka.

Vive la Chaîne!

Nigel Austin
Bailli Délégué

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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