Taiwan Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs

Bailliage of Taiwan China
Taipei, May 3, 2019

Yuan Xu Chen is going to Calgary
" The winners were announced during the Bailliage's Chapitre "

The competition took place at the Paul Hsu Senior High School situated in the Xinzhuang District in the western part of New Taipei in northern Taiwan.

The Catering Management Section at the High School has a wide range of specialist facilities including training kitchens for Chinese and Western cuisines, baking and pizza production. There is also a culinary demonstration auditorium. For front of house activities a restaurant is available for hospitality service training while classrooms and “laboratories” provide the opportunity for acquiring extensive beverage knowledge.

Taking part in this year’s National Final were the following young chefs (shown with their name is their place of work and school where appropriate):

Yuan Xu Chen
  Chiao-Tou Restaurant | Ching Kuo Institute - Department of Culinary Arts
Lu Wen-Wao
  Ceres Restaurant | Hungkuang University
Yi-Xuan Chen
  The Landis TaiChung | Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism
Yu-Ting Lin
  Saga Beef | Hung Kuo Delin University of Technology
Yi-Chieh, Shih
  Bencotto at Mandarin Oriental Taipei | Hsing Wu University
Bo-Lin Su
  Vg café | Ching Kuo Institute - Department of Culinary Arts
Huang Zih Ting
  Butler Hotel | Yu Da High School of Commerce and Home Economics
Shih Yen Wei
  Toasteria Café | Hsing Wu University
Chien Shiau Mei
  Fushin Taipei Hotel | Kai Ping Culinary School
Chin-Ting Liu
  Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei | Taipei City University of Science & Technology
Siang-Chia Huang
  Etage 15 Steakhouse | Shu Te Home Economics & Commercial High School
Shun-Kuang, Ku
  Saga Beef | Minghsin University of Science and Technology

Mandatory items this year were Berkshire pork loin, oysters (600g), bamboo shoots, green papaya and cantaloupe melon.

When the scores were tallied up Yuan Xu Chen was declared the winner, Lu Wen-Wao was Runner-up and Yi-Xuan Chen came in Third Place.

The winners were announced during the Bailliage’s Chapitre held at Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei.

Yuan Xu Chen will now represent Taiwan at the International Final in September in Calgary, Canada. Naturally we wish him well.

Paul Wyss
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