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Bailliage of Australia
Perth, February 2, 2020

Luxuriating aboard True North
" Many thanks to the brilliant chefs "

One superb Perth Sunday afternoon True North’s exemplary crew welcomed 51 excited members and guests on-board for our annual summer cruise.

At every season’s end, True North comes home for a well-earned rest for crew and ship.  This beautifully appointed adventure cruise ship is world-famous for luxurious, magnificent adventure cruises around Australian, Indonesian, West Papuan and Papua New Guinea coastlines.
In charge of the galley where four chefs were preparing lunch was 2013 Master Chef outright winner Rhys Badcock. Rhys has created a fantastic reputation. We were fortunate to have him working with the team.

After an inspection of the award-wining vessel, guests assembled in the luxurious bar lounge sipping on chilled Mann Brut Rosé and partaking of unusual canapes. Generally known for producing pearls the delicate flesh of Pinctada oysters was expertly served ceviche style.

A rare treat, renowned Southern bluefin tuna, was presented sashimi-style lightly-flavoured with soy sauce and lime. An exquisite melt-in-the-mouth gift!

Alongside these delectable morsels were gowzee-wrapped Shark Bay king prawns with a delicate accompaniment of nouc cham sauce.

We set sail north along the spectacular coastline, enjoying beautiful sunshine and a calm sea making for a perfect day.

Event sponsor Craig Brent-White from Cape Naturaliste Wines regaled us with fascinating insights into the hazardous nature of growing grapes in the south west of Western Australia, including protecting precious fruit from predators such as kangaroos and foxes!

Our sponsor spoilt us as the wines served are yet to be released …
- delicious, crisp Sauvignon Blanc
- very well received Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc
- Malbec
- Reserve Cabernet 2016
- acclaimed Cabernet Merlot.

In the dining room downstairs Chef Rhys did not disappoint! Six oysters selected from Albany (Western Australia), Tasmania, and world-renowned Coffin Bay, South Australia, were delicious.

Perfectly-grilled Western Australian Stirling Range eye fillet topped with a generous half Western Australian rock lobster followed! Pommes frites and the superb Béarnaise sauce were the perfect accents to these prized morsels.

Profiteroles with crème pâtisserie and butterscotch sauce made a perfectly light, sweet finale.

Returning to the bar lounge we enjoyed a generous dose of camaraderie all the while sampling a stunning array of cheeses with a superb Fine Old Muscat.

Many thanks to the brilliant chefs, especially Master Chef Rhys and True North’s fabulous crew! And a special thank you of course goes to event sponsor Craig Brent-White.

Vive la Chaîne!

Sande Saulsman

Vicenza, September 20, 2023

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