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Belgium - Dirk Jan Decock

Maître Rôtisseur

'Café Pâté' & his Restaurant Taste & Colours in Kortrijk

" Café Pâté .. a fun competition without prizes "

One evening in a cafe, two friends, namely Félix François and Matthias Speybrouck, decided to organize a competition to find out who made the best paté - a product equally as popular in Belgium as it is in France.

The non-profit organization “Café Paté” now organises its competition in the Kortrijk region with 11 regional chefs. It is a fun competition without prizes, with the aim of bringing the chefs together, enjoying a beer and a tasty snack.

Whilst Felix and Matthias are the originators of this chef’s collective, Maître Rôtisseur Dirk Jan Decock from Restaurant Taste and Colours in Kortrijk has been closely involved with the group since the “DuisteRTT” food sharing event organised by Café Pâté in February 2019.

Because this was a much larger event than the annual pâté competition, Dirk Jan joined them because of his years of experience and expertise.

Since the coronavirus situation developed, Café Pâté has created a collective of chefs who prepare a food box which they sell and with that money they present boxes to doctors and nurses so that when they come home they have pâté and beer with which to relax.

Ilse Duponcheel
Bailli Délégué

Restaurant Taste and Colours
At Taste and Colours you see the interplay of flavours. A large proportion of the tables is a “chef’s table”. Here you can see the people working and you can just relax in the kitchen.

Maître Rôtisseur Dirk Jan Decock likes pure and original flavours. He believes gastronomy is intended to bring together those original flavours, sometimes challenging and stimulating, sometimes velvety and delicate.

Chances are you will not know every ingredient. Chef Dirk Jan likes to work with unusual products from suppliers who share his ideals: respect for the product and nature. Craftsmanship, limited cultivation and exceptional quality are paramount.

This also translates into the wine choice of hostess Hilde Reynaert. Here the focus is on organic and natural wines. This fits in perfectly with the philosophy and pure kitchen of Dirk Jan.

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