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Bailliage of Spain
Valladolid, April 27, 2020

Culinary offering faithful to seasonal products
" The restaurant owes its name to the quintessential cereal (Trigo = wheat) "

Restaurante Trigo opened in May 2007. Located in a pedestrian street at the gates of the Cathedral of Valladolid, its culinary offering remains faithful to seasonal products. It has held a Michelin star since November 2017.

Castilla y León and its Michelin stars
Eleven Michelin stars are held in Castilla y León in north-western Spain with four in Valladolid. In Castilla y León, considered the birthplace of roasts, we find haute cuisine techniques.

The gastronomy of Castilla y León is characterised by hearty roasts and stews made with rural products. It is a cuisine reminiscent of the kitchens of our parents and grandparents. The restaurant pays tribute to the tradition as it does to the products of the land.

Restaurante Trigo
The restaurant owes its name to the quintessential cereal (Trigo = wheat) from Castilla y León. That wheat, along with corn and rice, are the cereals produced the most in the world which feed millions of people today.

Of Leonese origin, Maître Rôtisseur Víctor Martín is in the kitchen. In the dining room, and in charge of the cellar, is Noemí Martínez, Best Sommelier in Spain in 2019 in the Verema Awards, one of the most prestigious wine competitions, and Best Sommelier in Castilla y León in 2018.

Elegant and cosy, with meticulous decoration, soft light, warm atmosphere, presided over by an oil gift from a relative is a dining room which can seat 40 diners.

What does the restaurant offer?
High-level creative cuisine, excellent presentation on the plate, flavours and textures mixed with great mastery leaving no one indifferent.

A menu of the moment changing frequently according to the season. One designed to enjoy the cuisine of the land with high-quality products treated with great respect. One can select from the general menu or from special tasting menus.

Service is outstanding. A very professional, friendly team, always attentive to every detail.

Relevant role for vegetables
The vegetable garden of Valladolid offers an abundance and variety which enables the menu to reflect that. Strong connections are maintained with local suppliers. The noteworthy seasonal vegetable and mushroom stew with each vegetable treated separately.

One of their best known, most appreciated desserts is their cheesecake.

For diners a complete gastronomic experience is crowned by the speciality breads offered.

Trigo Events
A professional team at Trigo Eventos organises a wide variety of events on and off site. One outstanding venue is the Filipino Convent in Valladolid, a late 1700’s building steeped in history and with an incomparable charm for its artistic and architectural qualities.

I am of the firm belief that a major part of preserving our cultural heritage is defending our food production and gastronomic identity. This has additional economic tourism importance. The Restaurante Trigo culinary offering is a fine example of this approach.

Rosa Román
Bailli Délégué

Photography by César González, Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique, Bailliage of Madrid

Restaurante Trigo
Calle de los Tintes, 8
47002 Valladolid
Phone: +34 983 115 500
Email: [email protected]

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