Korea Dinner

Bailliage of Korea
Nami Island, June 12, 2021

Forest glamping
" an excellent choice as the Bailliage had not had a barbecue in a long time "

“A sumptuous barbecue to make the Chaine des Rotisseurs proud”

If anyone should know how to do a barbecue, given its heritage it should be the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs! Nami Island CEO Kenny Minn and his team lived up to the Chaîne’s reputation by staging a fantasy-like outdoor barbecue on the “island of life.”

Nami Island is a mecca for millions of K-Drama* fans who fantasize about the romance between heart-throb Bae Yong-joon and celebrity Choi Ji-Woo 20 years ago in “Winter Sonata”. Also for selfie fans and families who flock to the island to take photos at its iconic sites. [* Ed. K-Drama is the colloquial name for “Korean Drama”, namely television series in the Korean language made in South Korea.]

Mindful that Chaîne members like unique and special experiences, Kenny’s team offered a night of “forest glamping”. Camping is very popular in Korea. When people can fulfil their camping fantasies without the hard work, we call it “glamping,” short for glamourous camping. This proved an excellent choice as the Bailliage had not had a barbecue in a long time. We are, after all, the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

The barbecue took place amidst tall trees and freely-roaming peacocks after all the tourists had left. Guests took refuge from the afternoon heat drinking chilled sparkling wine and savouring colourful canapés. Ready for dinner, they walked under a romantic arch reminiscent of a wedding to sit at the long dining table.

After a tasty pine nut salad and potato and kale soup, the participants were offered platefuls of perfectly-grilled organic vegetables, fresh seafood and succulent meats, minimally seasoned for the enjoyment of the natural taste of each ingredient. The food was so fresh and tasty that accompanying sauces were mostly untouched. Wine choices were excellent. Everyone was soon in a joyful mood. The night filled with laughter and camaraderie.


To start
Fresh salad, Gapyeong pine nuts
Valenciso Rioja Blanco 2019 - Rioja, Spain

Gangwon-do potato and kale soup
Valenciso Rioja Blanco 2019 - Rioja, Spain

Seafood barbecue
Lobster, prawns, abalone, octopus, giant clam
clams with vegetables
wasabi ponzu, fish, and gochujang sauces
Valenciso Rosado 2019 - Rioja, Spain

Barbecued meats
Jamaican chicken, pork belly, pulled pork
lamb chops, Hanwoo sirloin with vegetables
chimichurri and doenjang sauce
Château de l'Ou ‘Secret de Schistes’ 2017
Côtes Catalanes, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Barbecued hodduck and gareduck
Pine nut makgeolli
(brewed from best quality domestic rice
and Gapyeong specialty pine nuts)

Regarding the desserts, hodduck is a grilled rice cake with a sweet filling. Nami Island is famous among tourists for their version which is filled with honey and nuts - hence it was included in the menu. Garedduk is a plain cylindrical rice cake. Nami Island chose to serve them because they are tastier when roasted over a fire. They are not sweet, but the idea is similar to roasting marshmallows.

As dusk turned into night, the barbecue in the forest felt magical. Guests thanked the young, passionate staff of Nami Island for a delightful evening of true glamping. However, regretfully we had to board the boat back to reality.

Vive la Chaîne!

Soon Chul Kim
Chargée de Presse

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