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Kenya Lunch

Mombasa, June 19, 2021

First event for 18 months!

" Chaîne camaraderie was shared with gusto "

After a break of 18 months, an informal Chaîne lunch was enjoyed at Monsoon Restaurant.

Set right on the beach amongst the historic Jumba Ruins in Kilifi, Monsoon is a hidden gemstone frequented by residents who guard the secret jealously! The restaurant has an uninterrupted view overlooking the Indian Ocean. A unique setting indeed!

The proprietors Aziza, the Chef extraordinaire, and her husband Atillio run this small sea front establishment with passion.

On arrival glasses of Prosecco greeted us accompanied by a generous variety of canapés. The ‘Crostini & Bytes’ included warm Italian spiced olives, lemon chili prawns on a bed of rucola, tuna cucumber rolls with creamy cheese and dill, mini seafood parcels in filo pastry, crunchy Italian bruschetta, fresh and baked oysters. The highlight was a delicacy. A special sampling of 36 months aged Parmigiano Reggiano flown in for the occasion by Alex Becchi from Parma, Italy. Alex is the proprietor of a cheese factory.

A full seafood menu followed accompanied by white and red wines.


Selected Kilifi oysters

Italian caciucco soup
(Tuscan seafood stew)

Pasta linguine marinara
Kiwayu crab claws in ginger butter

Monsoon seafood platter

Real Italian tiramisu

Caffe corretto
with Sambuca or Grappa

The caffè corretto concluding the menu continued the authentic Italian theme. The beverage consists of a shot of espresso with a small amount of liquor. [Ed. The Italian word “corretto” corresponds to the English word “correct” in the sense of “corrected”.]

Chaîne camaraderie was shared with gusto. Members concluded the event in ‘great spirits’!

Vive la Chaine!

Shabnam Nayer
Bailli Délégué

Copenhagen, September 11, 2021

Back to normal at last!

Yaoundé, September 29, 2021

A crossroads of flavours

Copenhagen, August 28, 2021

KOKS pop-up restaurant in the Tivoli Gardens

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