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USA Dinner

Miami (Florida), July 14+15, 2021

Celebrating France’s 'Bastille Day'

" Two fine evenings and as always with lots of Miami Chaîne camaraderie "

How do you accommodate 56 Miami Chaîne members and guests at a small venue to celebrate France’s “Féte Nationale” colloquially known as “Bastille Day”?

Simply hold two events!

While folks in France toasted their National Day on July 14th to commemorate the storming of the Bastille in 1789, the Bailliage of Greater Miami welcomed everyone on July 14th and 15th to Semilla French Bistro and Wine Bar in Miami.

Executive Chef and owner, Frédéric Joulin, carries an eclectic talent for French cuisine fused with local fare. He launched “Le Clos Saint-Honoré” in Paris when only 25 years old and notably served as private chef to French President Jacques Chirac. In 2013, he moved to Miami and created Semilla. The bistro teems with ambiance, featuring a grand bar, and a private collection of contemporary art.

Bailli Nancy Radlauer greeted attendees with berets and flutes of rosé champagne poured from double-magnums. Once seated in the open air and socially distanced, the festivities began.

The amuse-bouche, served in an individual caviar tin, became the quintessential precursor to a superb meal. When opened, the tin revealed a chilled crab and cauliflower Parmentier kissed with black caviar. It was accompanied by perfectly chilled glasses of 2017 Sancerre ‘Les Boucauds’ by Claude Riffault.


Terrine de foie gras au torchon
toasted brioche
2017 Sancerre ‘Les Boucauds’
Claude Riffault, Loire Valley, France

Hudson Valley duck confit
roasted potatoes
2017 Gigondas ‘Le coteau de Mon Rêve’
Domaine du Grand Montmirail
Rhône Valley, France (in magnums)

Oeufs à la Neige (Floating Island)
Poached meringues floating in crème Anglaise
caramelised almond
2015 Chateau Cantegril - Sauternes, France

Coffee and Tea

At the end of each dinner Bailli Radlauer’s presentation to Chef Joulin was met with roaring applause, rave reviews, and promises to return.

Two fine evenings and as always with lots of Miami Chaîne camaraderie.

Ali Ansari
Vice-Chargé de Presse

Cape Town, August 25, 2021

Homespun at The Andros Boutique Hotel

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Striving to keep the show going!

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