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Portugal Dinner

Faro, August 20, 2021

Al fresco dining at Checkin

" The concept of a journey is the philosophy behind the restaurant's philosophy "

Members and guests were warmly welcomed by Chef Leonel Pereira and his Maître d’ Delfim João on arrival at “Checkin”, Chef Leonel’s restaurant situated close to the harbour in central Faro.

Hospitality venues, it was clear, were taking full advantage of the old city’s wide cobbled pavements and beautifully warm evenings to provide opportunities to welcome guests again. This despite COVID-19 restrictions regarding table seating numbers even on esplanades and terraces outdoors.

Once our group was seated Sommelier Vitor d’Avó began to unveil the journey through his chosen wines. He had chosen a route for the selected wines from a single grape through a two-grape blend, onto the final wine with its four grape varieties.

The concept of a journey is the philosophy behind the restaurant’s name “Checkin”. Chef Pereira was previously at São Gabriel restaurant where he obtained a Michelin star. He wishes to portray a journey through a creative culinary career showcasing his innovative approach using local sustainable products and preserving their individual flavour.

He invites his diners to check in for this journey. We accepted his invitation with excited anticipation of the gastronomic delights that awaited us.


Mackerel fillet
potato and celery salad, gazpacho, herbs sauce
Murganheira Super Reserva Brut 2015

“Casquinha de Siri” crab
coconut, tomato, coriander, palm oil
Barão do Hospital 2020 - Loureiro, Minho

Octopus 5/6 cooked 15 hours at low temperature
sweet potato puree, tomato petals, courgette
Casal da Azenha 2018 - Lisboa

“Bisaro” pork cheeks stuffed in red wine and spices
red cabbage sauerkraut, truffle potato
Dona Santana 2011- Quinta de Lemos, Dão

“Our interpretation apple tart”
tonka beans ice cream
Arbum Honey ‘Melosa’
Serra do Caldeirão, Algarve

The presentation of a token of appreciation from the Bailliage of the Algarve to the establishment was made. Coffee and tea served with pineapple jelly stars under the Algarve stars brought an enjoyable meal to an end.

Valerie Lantau
Vice-Chargée de Presse

Copenhagen, September 11, 2021

Back to normal at last!

Yaoundé, September 29, 2021

A crossroads of flavours

Copenhagen, August 28, 2021

KOKS pop-up restaurant in the Tivoli Gardens

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