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Sweden - Kent Hammarsten

Stockholm, September 17, 2021

'Nian' .. the small studio with great possibilities

" Choice of wine? 99% Pinot Noir from Burgundy, 1% from the rest of the world "

It could be easy to miss 'Nian' located as it is at the end of a very inconspicuous street. There is no clue that behind a former bike shed door exists heavenly gastronomic experiences. A long, rich life path brought Échanson Kent Hammarsten here unexpectedly. A “challenge to get his teeth into” thought a friend. How right he was!

Born on the island of Öland, a summer paradise east of Sweden, Kent was five years old when he explored Bonniers Stora Kokbok - an original Swedish cookbook - and was fascinated by the cutting charts. His mother was a good cook however his father unwittingly contributed to Kent’s future choice of career. A carpenter, who renovated restaurants and wine cellars like Halltorps Gästgiveri, his father took Kent along where he was lavished with cookies.

A cookie monster or a carpenter like his dad? No way. Kent wanted to be a professional floorball [Ed. a type of floor hockey] player studying at sports high school and working out seven days a week. Even today you can spot the athlete though Kent says more like a floorball now. So not true!

When all the training wasn’t enough Kent changed direction by studying at cookery school where he had the best teacher. A student who really invested in his education Kent received unique special opportunities. Encouraged by his mentor Kent worked in the restaurant and designed his own study programme which included entering cooking competitions to test his skills.

With Master Chef Erik Lallerstedt at Gondolen, Kent ran the wine bar with well-known wine experts. His focus changed from food to beverage convinced he received the best beverage education possible.

An interlude happened. Kent as tourist guide in Europe and ski guide in Swedish Åre. Not for long. His CV reveals restaurants and hotels at Sweden’s top level; teaching food and wine classes; a Board member of the National Sommelier Association.

His company GastroVin includes various businesses with food and beverage connections including private chef dinners at home. GastroVin invests in sustainable businesses for humanity and environment. An interesting story both in Sweden and abroad.

His great role model is Restaurant Manager Charles Divay at Cheval Blanc in Paris. Kent holds the greatest respect for Sweden's outstanding chefs who let gastronomy speak for itself.

Favourite raw produce? Duck. Choice of wine? 99% Pinot Noir from Burgundy, 1% from the rest of the world. Despite travelling extensively at home and abroad Kent and his wife always return to Paris.

At Nian Kent has created a food studio for lunch, dinner, mingle or wine makers’ dinner. It is a unique atmosphere rich with heavy velvet curtains ensuring no noise penetrates from the street. An eye for detail means textiles and table utensils are carefully chosen. Wine artist Clas Håkansson’s work adorns the walls. Kent’s co-workers have their own skills. However they cover for each other in this treasure trove of delicacies. Something really special is offered whether the theme is caviar, truffles, game or wine.

Young chefs like Chef of the Year Ludwig Tjörnemo and Ida Bauhm from the Swedish Culinary Team are happy to come as guest chefs.

An experience which is recommended!

Catarina Offe
Conseiller Gastronomique

Translated into English by Margareta Henry, Chargée de Missions Honoraire

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