Norway Grand Chapitre

Bailliage of Norway
Bergen, September 3-5, 2021

Three days of delicious food, drink and togetherness
" grateful that we finally got the opportunity to get together after 18 months of pandemic "

The local Bailliage warmly welcomed more than 200 members and guests to the National Grand Chapitre in Bergen - “the city between the seven mountains”. Expectations were high! The weather was beautiful. The setting could not have been better for a successful weekend with good friends in the Chaîne.

The host establishment was the Hotel Norge by Scandic. After a complete renovation, the hotel stands out as one of the best in Norway with an excellent location right in the heart of the city.

The weekend's first event was a “Get Together” in the famous Grieg Hall. There was a palpable good mood among the diners as now after a long pandemic they could finally gather and enjoy good food and drink. The menu and drinks were carefully selected for the occasion by the caterer, “De Bergenske” to facilitate a gastronomic journey in Western Norway.

For Saturday lunch, guests had the opportunity to choose between two unique restaurants:
- “Roast” on top of Scandic Ørnen offered a winemaker’s lunch with Georg Breuer.
- “Bryggeloftet”, Bergen's oldest restaurant, chose dishes from an affiliation to Bryggen, the unique ancient trading post in Bergen which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Saturday evening began formally with the Induction Ceremony presided over by Carl Wachtmeister, Member of the Conseil d’Administration from neighbouring Sweden. Carl was supported by our Bailli Délégué Thore Sande and the National Officers of Norway.

The Gala Dinner is the highlight of any Grand Chapitre. Held at the Hotel Norge by Scandic, the evening's guests were warmly welcomed by Hotel Director Lise Solheim and her team.


Scallops and Rossini Gold caviar
Champagne Ayala Blanc de blancs 2013

Lobster soup
fennel, sour cream, celery root
Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2018 - Brocard Sainte Claire

Halibut, almond potato, truffle and mussel sauce
Arbois Savagnin 2011
Domaine de la Pinte

Norwegian beef
bordelaise sauce, kale, carrot, sweet potato
Bourgeuil 2016 - Domaine de la Butte

Munkeby cheese, apricots from Lærdal, rye
Meursault 2018 - Domaine Bouchard

Lime cake, lime curd
white chocolate, almonds, raspberries
Seifried Sweet Agnes Riesling 2018 - New Zealand

An interlude between courses was a serenade from the famous musician Veslemøy Solberg.

At the end of the evening we justifiably thanked the entire team at the hotel with Chef Tore Espenes and Sommelier Martinius Fjeldstad at the forefront for delicious food and drink served with perfection.

Sunday brunch was at Torghallen, right in the heart of the city, catered for by the restaurants “Fjellskål” and “Fish me”. Dan Even Fjellskål and Arnfinn Djukastein joined forces for the occasion.

Their eminent chefs put together a very exciting menu starting with ceviche of specially-marinated halibut and grilled scallops from Øygarden with white sturgeon roe. The first main course was sushi using king crab, home-smoked wild salmon and crayfish. Main course number two was Ovnsbakt halibut with beurre noisette accompanied by Fjellskål's own cider from Åkre.

The delicious brunch ended with cheesecake from Hjelle bakery with a creamy vanilla ice cream topped with Gold Caviar. Åkre gård served a classic Edel ice cream cider as well as a highly developed Edel barrel-aged ice cream cider.

After three days of delicious food, drink and togetherness around the joys of the table, we are all grateful that we finally got the opportunity to get together after 18 months of pandemic.

Gaute Birkeli

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