Israel Lunch

Bailliage of Israel
Tel Aviv, October 29, 2021

Walt Disney inspired menu
" Wines were served and sponsored by Benhaim Winery "

The culinary world in cartoons inspires chefs worldwide particularly restaurants.

The cartoon Disney stars and Chef Shahaf Shabtay invited us to Pop & Pope restaurant for an exceptional culinary experience.

Culinary scenes of cartoons. The Disney world is made up of stars with favourite dishes who have their signature on the way of food.

This lunch was designed and aimed at introducing the five stars of “printed” culinary experience. A big screen in the restaurant live streamed a video feed from the kitchen.

Before each dish a relevant Disney Cartoon scene was shown on the screen. A live projection followed from the kitchen where the dishes were prepared accompanied by explanation from Chef Shahaf on what we are looking at.

Lunch started with a reception that included cocktails with sushi snacks. Throughout the first part of the event a pianist played music from the movies by Raviv Lieberzrr. Then we made the "Kabalat Shabat" (Saturday reception)


Bugs Bunny Papaya Salad
Papaya, carrot, cashew
carrot-coconut stock, coriander, lemongrass

Winnie the Pooh Sashimi
Grouper sashimi, honey, miso
yuzu, green onion, hazelnuts

Kung Fu Panda Dim Sum
Yam soup, rice wine, beef dim sum
mint, soba noodles

Garfield Dashi Lasagna
Dashi, leek, shrimp
rice paper, crème fraiche
truffle, grilled eggplant

The Flintstones Lamb Chops
Grilled orange, hoisin barbecue
potatoes au gratin, Camembert, thyme

Homer Simpsons Donut
Vanilla-glazed baked doughnuts
corn, cream, popcorn, cinnamon caramel

Wines were served and sponsored by Benhaim Winery.

Alongside the event house artist Yonatan, known as “Max972”, was painting a cartoon. It was auctioned. One of our members Hezzi Nissan was the lucky bidder. Half the sale fee was donated to our cooking school.

It was a great Friday lunch.

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