Hong Kong SAR China Dinner

Bailliage Hong Kong China
December 16, 2021

Spicing up the start to the Festive Season
" Diners revelled in a ten-course menu complemented by six wines "

Members and guests spiced up the start of the festive season enjoying an amazing culinary adventure from the Mediterranean to India.

It was a unique journey created by two talented master chefs from France and India, with a symphony of savoury treats for our Chaîne happening.

Officier Michael Wong, an entertainment icon, was totally “hands on” at his signature restaurant along with a dedicated team presenting exotic delicacies with a modern flair.

The MW Gunpowder Restaurant welcomes patrons with a warm ambiance featuring a chic and contemporary setting enhanced by a bar with hanging copper shelves and sparkling inlays bringing style and sophistication to the evening.

Diners revelled in a ten-course menu complemented by six wines climaxing in a grand finale of Davidoff Cigars al fresco on the patio. All was capped off with Ximenez-Spinoza Old Harvest 1964.

Limited to 9544 bottles, this sherry is a combination of the 1918 Pedro Ximenez from raisins and the 1964 from oxidative ageing. After the assemblage, further ageing took place for 15 years in American oak casks.

Tastes of this extraordinary dinner will long be treasured and linger in memories.

Chaîne strong! Chaîne camaraderie! Vive la Chaîne!

Steven Kahn
Bailli Délégué

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