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Bailliage of Israel
Tel Aviv, December 26, 2021

'Noviy God' 2022 - a Tsar-style feast
" at Baba Yaga, a Russian-themed restaurant "

We gathered at Baba Yaga, a Russian-themed restaurant, to celebrate the New Year (“Noviy God” in Russian). A Tsar-style feast reminded us of our parents’ or grandparents’ origins.

Orchestrated by Maître Restaurateur Kirill Tartakovsky, Baba Yaga’s owner, it was a celebration we wouldn’t forget: unlimited alcohol, nostalgic music, singing and dancing until midnight. Then there was a seemingly never-ending stream of dishes from Chef Alexander Druz’s Russian style kitchen at Villa Mare Restaurant. Alex teamed up with Kirill to ensure the perfect experience of atmosphere and food with special serving dishes for each item.

Roman-Ram Fleming, a singer with a pleasant tenor voice with Russian songs, created a perfect ambiance. We enthusiastically joined in singing or dancing in the centre of the restaurant.

The “Noviy God” party was an ideal occasion to welcome new members patiently awaiting an official invitation to get to know the uniqueness of the Chaîne in Israel. Of the 14 guests invited 10 decided to join us!

Bailli Délégué Tami Lancut Leibovitz explained the origins of the Chaîne in France and its history in Israel. In the background on two big screens photos and videos from previous events showcased the Chaîne in Israel since its beginning in the early 60s.

At the reception two drinks were offered in abundance:
- Samogen (Russian “moonshine”) was excellent for creating the right mood. A daisy attired bartender in traditional dress greeted everyone with three kisses on the cheek;
- Morse-a (a non-carbonated Russian fruit drink prepared from berries).

Accompanied by Russian flavours light snacks enticed our taste buds ahead of the menu:
- herring fillets and fish sprouted on Borodinsky toast (Russian dark brown sourdough rye bread) seasoned with horseradish aioli;
- classic Russian blintzes (thin pancakes) with crème fraiche and red caviar;
- traditional bread with a gentle sweetness.


Stuffed eggs
Pickled forest mushrooms
Olivier salad with salmon twist
Fish liver, fresh radish salad
Chopped liver and charcuterie on a bed of mustard aioli
Russian-seasoned borscht
Hot piroshky filled with roast cabbage
(served from a basket by a waitress)

Zharkoye (stew) of veal and root vegetables
(oven roasted for six hours)
potatoes, berries, herbs, beef broth

Seared pickled beef tongue served on a plancha
porcini sauce, cream

Samovar fruit tea with gingerbread
Special berry jam offered with cookies
Blintzes with special condensed milk*
[*Ed: prepared according to an original recipe
in one of the dairies in Ukraine and brought
especially to the event.]

Wines: Pinto Chardonnay 2020 and Pinto Shiraz 2020

Pinto Winery provided the wines giving an opportunity to launch and get to know the winery. David Pinto, entrepreneur and owner, spoke about his passion for wine and his development plans for Pinto.

We wish everyone S Novim Godom / Happy New Year!

Tami Lancut Leibovitz
Bailli Délégué

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