Principality of Monaco Dinner

Bailliage of Principality of Monaco
February 25 & March 6, 2022

At the famous BEEFBAR restaurant
" The owner, Riccardo Giraudi, returned especially for the occasion from New York "

For the first gastronomic adventures of 2022, Gérard Canarie, Bailli Délégué of the Principality of Monaco, had organised two events at the famous BEEFBAR restaurant.

One took place during the evening of February 25th, with a section of the restaurant cordoned off for 50 lucky members of the Chaîne.

The other was a lunch on March 6th, which brought together some 30 members and guests, including Liliana Freschi, Bailli of Sanremo in Italy, who was kind enough to join us.

The owner, Riccardo Giraudi, returned especially for the occasion from New York where he had been celebrating the opening of another BEEFBAR (there are now a total of 18 BEEFBARs around the world). We were honoured that he made the time to join us. A long-standing member of the Chaîne, he is the only importer of Kobe beef in Europe, earning him the nickname the “Samurai of meat”.

He welcomed us to his restaurant, which is now an unmissable attraction in Monaco. Like the conductor of a symphony orchestra, Ricardo Giraudi became the Principality’s first private employer in the restaurant sector with more than 500 employees, serving up all the cuisines of the world, in venues demonstrating a real art of living. He refuses to delegate his attention to detail to anyone. From what his waiting staff wear, the crockery used and the recipes themselves, nothing escapes his critical eye.

The menu had been specially put together to present a selection of unusual first courses, followed by his iconic main dish, beef filet mignon served with a divine sauce and potato purée in the style of Robuchon. What a treat for the guests!


Tartare trio
Beef  |  Seriola sashimi  |  Sea bass ceviche

Kale, avocado, parmesan and lemon zest salad

Crispy spring rolls
Black Angus beef with hoisin sauce

French Charolais beef
200g filet mignon, home-made purée
or for non-meat eaters
Fillet of sea bream with seasonal vegetables

“Choco Beef Bitter”
The chef’s own stunning creation



Chablis 2019
Domaine de Chardonnay, Burgundy, France

Les Brulières de Beychevelle 2015
Château Beychevelle, Haut-Médoc, France

The exquisite meats were prepared in a very specific way. They were first seared in a very hot oven to seal the outside, then cooked in a second coal-fired oven, so that they could take on the flavour of the embers.

The alchemy of the dishes served and the stunning setting (at the foot of the Rock on top of which the flood-lit Prince’s Palace is located), the warm welcome and the energy buzzing around the room made the dinner and lunch a huge success.

Michelle Canarie
Chargée de Missions

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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