World Chaîne Day

April 23, 2022

Synopsis of the day's events worldwide
" The intention is simply to acknowledge the activity in as many National Bailliages as possible "

Judging by the wealth of reports from Bailliages - National and local - received from around the globe, World Chaîne Day (WCD) 2022 was enthusiastically celebrated over the specified weekend of Saturday, April 23th and Sunday 24th.

Selected events have had an article published specifically. This write-up therefore is to give a synopsis of other celebrations. It is not an exhaustive list - apologies therefore to any Bailliage which held an event but which is not mentioned below. The intention is simply to acknowledge the activity in as many National Bailliages as possible - principally as a result of members contemporaneously posting photos and anecdotes on the Social Media Wall.

Australia: As well as Brisbane, the Bailliage of Canberra held a fantastic dinner with a green-themed menu presented by the Commonwealth Club’s Executive Chef Karl Krautler. Western Australia’s event was at The Ritz-Carlton, Perth.

Finland: naturally, in the birthplace of the “Chaîne Day” concept events were staged nationwide. Individual members also enthusiastically shared their own personal celebrations on the Social Media Wall.

Germany: Hessen members Maria and Uwe Teske celebrated at home once again. The Bailliage of Sachsen held a lunch in the upscale restaurant Max Enk in Leipzig.

Great Britain: the Bailliage of Chilterns held a lunch at The Six Bells, Beenham near Reading.

Italy: Several Bailliages and members posted details of their activities, especially the Bailliage of Bolzano/Alto Adige dined at the Michelin-starred Locanda Margon at Ravina. This famous restaurant has panoramic views of Trento and the Adige valley. A young chef with plenty of international experience is now at the helm.

Japan: the Bailliage of Kanto held a pre-World Chaîne Day dinner on Friday 22nd at the Tsunamachi Mitsui Club in Tokyo.

Lebanon: Bailli Délégué Arlette Mabardi presided over an open air lunch at which everyone received a young olive tree in a pot to take home - the olive tree being a token of appreciation, symbol of love, friendship, prosperity and most of all peace.

Malaysia: the local Bailliage of Perak dined at Eat and Cook where a menu featuring local specialities was presented by Chef Lee Zhe Xi.

Malta: a joyous casual dining occasion was arranged for the delight of members and their guests at One80Restaurant in Mellieha.

New Zealand: celebrated in Wellington with a weekend in Martinborough, a popular wine and olive growing settlement north of the city.

South Africa: the Bailliage of Johannesburg held a dinner at Clico Restaurant in Rosebank.

Switzerland: the Bailliage of Soleure held a pre-World Chaîne Day dinner on Friday 22nd.

USA: as might be expected, WCD events were held across the country. Those in the Bailliages of Garden State (New Jersey) and Monterey Peninsula (California) have had dedicated articles published so as to represent the “coast to coast” nature of the celebrations in the National Bailliage. Others of particular note on the Social Media Wall were Charlotte (North Carolina), San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Woodlands (Texas).

Finally, mention needs to be made of delayed celebrations. Notably in Shenyang (China) Singapore and Hong Kong, the respective dates for holding their special day having been held up by ongoing pandemic restrictions.

Marie Jones
Managing Editor

Bordeaux, May 18, 2024

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