Korea Dinner

Bailliage of Korea
Seoul, April 9, 2022

Reflecting on what it means to 'eat green'
" Ahead of World Chaîne Day's "Green in all its forms" theme our concept of "We are what we eat" was a great choice "

Park Hyatt Seoul’s Food and Beverage Director Roman Kardashov with his teams, led by Chef Steven Back and Food and Beverage Manager KJ Cho, hosted another stellar Chaîne dinner.

Ahead of World Chaîne Day’s “Green in all its forms” theme our concept of “We are what we eat” was a great choice.

Chef Back demonstrated how exquisite meals can be prepared using eco-friendly ingredients whilst also promoting sustainability. ASC-certified seafood, certified low-carbon-footprint ingredients and high-quality produce customarily discarded due to less-than-perfect appearance were used.

The food was paired with beautiful, natural wines from the Jura region of France well-known for the tradition of organic and biodynamic viticulture and vinification.

“We are what we eat” illustrated how local, naturally grown, in-season products are freshest and delicious. An excellent reminder of how food consumption choices and habits impact the way our food is grown and supplied.

Worldwide mass-produced foods made to look fresh and perfect regardless of season tempt us resulting in a vicious cycle. It’s our choice to select eco-friendly ingredients and create a virtuous cycle good for us and environment.


Dak-gogi naengchae
Antibiotic-free chicken salad
marinated low-carbon mushrooms
peanut sauce, paprika sauce
Domaine de la Pinte Chardonnay 2018 - Arbois

Saewoo hoe
Sous-vide ASC prawn, Jiri Mountain caviar
spring salad oil, organic Daejeo tomato salsa
Lulu Vigneron ‘QV d’étoiles’ 2018

Sangseon Jjim
Braised spring flounder
homemade bean paste sauce
crispy grain pop, fried organic onion
Domaine Philippe Vandelle ‘L'Étoile’ Vin Jaune 2014

Gwang-yang Deungsim Gu-I
Grilled antibiotic-free Hanwoo 1++ sirloin beef
roasted organic green onion
chive salad, homemade soy sauce
Domaine Tissot ‘Sous la Tour’ Pinot Noir 2019 - Arbois

Wan-do Jeonbog Tot Bab
Steamed organic rice
sustainable Wando abalone
hijiki, Jeju ugly carrot, water parsley, wild greens

Fermented Gong-ju black chestnut tart
Seoul urban honey, chestnut extraction
Madagascar cacao kombucha ice cream
Macvin du Jura NV - Domaine Philippe Vandelle

Coffee or Park Hyatt premium tea selection

We may have come to a point where it’s impossible to go completely green. “We are what we eat” gave a meaningful opportunity to experience an ethically sourced menu. It prompted us to reflect how our choices impact our well-being and environment. Also reaffirming value of eco-friendliness and renewing our commitment to it.

Thank you once again to the Park Hyatt Seoul.

Soon Chul Kim
Chargé de Presse

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