Turkey Dinner

Bailliage of Antalya, Turkey
Belek, May 21, 2022

At IC Hotels' Santai Family Resort
" Suddenly we spotted a small fishing boat navigating along the coastline waving our Chaîne flag! "

True bliss when a member of our Bailliage organises an event. Nobody better understands our wishes and excitement than his team.

How wonderful that a second event at the same venue was even better. Many of the staff members attended the first event. We could feel the professional ambiance from the start.

Dinner at the beachside restaurant of this large holiday resort, exciting cocktails, live music and a beautiful sunset, what more could we desire.

Maybe a big surprise?

Suddenly we spotted a small fishing boat navigating along the coastline waving our Chaîne flag!


Salmon tartare
flavoured with chives and lime
Gürbüz Sauvignon Blanc 2020 (Tekirdağ, Turkey)

Marinated duck breast
oranges, fresh spices, pineapple chutney
Cheese parfait
olives, dried tomatoes, tomato confit
Stuffed zucchini flower
mint quark sauce
7 Bilgeler ‘Anaxagoras’ Chardonnay 2021 (İzmir, Turkey)

Menengic (Pistacia Terebinthus) soup
served with seasoned crispy bread
Casalforte Pinot Nero 2019 (Veneto, Italy)

White grouper Provençal-style
root vegetable puree with Thai curry sauce
Casalforte Pinot Nero 2019 (Veneto, Italy)

Olive sorbet

Beef tenderloin
mustard, foie gras, arancini flavoured with truffles
fresh asparagus, mousseline sauce
Selendi Sarnıç Cabernet Sauvıgnon 2019 (Akhisar, Turkey)

San Sebastian cheesecake
Sablettes Sauternes 2014 (Bordeaux, France)

Opera cake with cream and peanut butter

Tea or coffee

We enjoyed this dinner very much. A beautiful personalised folding fan-shaped menu and other gifts made an evening to remember once again.

Bailli Nihat Tümkaya warmly thanked our member Maître Hôtelier Önder Beyhan and his team.

Vive la Chaîne!

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